Maria Kanellis Discusses Her Future Plans

Apr 28, 2020 - by James Walsh

Former WWE Superstar Maria Kanellis took to Twitter last night to answer fan questions. You can read some of her responses and exchanges on Twitter below. As previously reported, Maria Kanellis and her husband, former WWE Superstar Mike Bennett, were both released from the WWE earlier this month. 

When asked if she could ever see herself returning to WWE, Kanellis stated, “Never say never but my main objective in my future is consistency and stability for my children.” 

Later on, another fan posted that she was trying to steal WWE’s spotlight by answering fan questions during last night’s Raw broadcast. The Twitter user wrote, “Why are you trying to steal the spotlight every Monday from the company you were released from by doing Q & As? Are you bitter? I thought it was what you wanted? #nonessentialwrestler” 

Maria Kanellis later wrote in response, “If I am taking the spotlight from a billion dollar company by doing a Q and A they have a problem. Haha… this is when the babies go to sleep. There is wrestling on every night and Monday is the best night for us to release our podcast so I do a q and a.”

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