4/28/20 Impact Rebellion Night 2 Recap

Apr 28, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

by Scott Porter

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are back to make the call for night two of this two night special. The setting again is the dark arena showing only the stage and the ring.

We open will a highlight package of the previous weeks episode. Tonight’s card looks to be as gritty and hard hitting night one. History will be made.

Match 1 4 Way X Division Match… Suicide VS Chris Bey VS Rohit Raju VS Trey from the Rascalz. The winner will be the #1 contender for the X Division Title.

All four are in the ring feeling each other out with whips and chain wrestling. The first with a pin fall or submission will be the winner. Suicide and Trey decide to watch Trey and Suicide wrestle for position as we begin. Finally all four enter the frey and Bey and Rahit start working together to double team the others. Suicide gets knocked down and Trey is thrown from the ring. Rahit and Bey work together on Suicide, but Suiced finally gains an advantage as Trey returns. He puts Bey and Trey in the double abdominal stretch that was cool to see. Rahit breaks it up and begins to take everyone out with leg sweeps and kicks and gets count on Bey. Suicide hits a sunset flip and Frankensteiner on Rahit. Then Trey hits a double DDT. Bey does a roll up for two on Trey and then throws him with a leg whip from the ring. Rahit attacks Bey from behind and gets a count of two. Suicide takes control and throws everyone from the ring and then leaps from the apron to all competitors. Trey climbs back and and does a flip on everyone to the outside. Trey stays on the offensive and pulls Bey in the ring for a count of two. Suicide grabs Trey from behind and lifts Trey for a suplex and Bey hits a cross body while Trey as he was in the air. Rahit and Bey trade kicks as Bey recovers. Bey somehow was able to get a count of two on Rahit. Trey hits a reverse kick on Rahit then Rahit hits a series of suplexs on Trey. Suicide takes out Trey and Suicide hits a suplex on Bey. Suicide then works Trey up to the top rope of the corner, but Trey slips under Suicide. Trey works over Rahit and Suicide. Bey cleverly sneaks up behind Rahit and rolls him up for the count of 3.

Winner and new Number 1 Contender to the X Division Championship… Chris Bey

Up next is another brief highlight package of last week.

Tessa is interviewed and explains she can’t travel due to the current climate. She plans on shutting up Michael Elgin who claims he will be the Champion when Rebellion ends tonight even though she is not on the event. We go to break.

As we come back a package for Joey Ryan and the Deaners. Ryan appears to be disgusted by the Deaners. Cousin Jake and Ryan is up next.

Match 2 Joey Ryan now known as Joseph P Ryan VS Cousin Jake. Cody is not in attendance

Ryan looks much different, wearing khaki shorts and a long sleeve blue button down shirt like a camp counselor, as he ties up with Deaner. Ryan wants to rid the world of the Deaners. Ryan is easily pushed around by Deaner with power moves. Jake floors Ryan with punches and whips him from corner to corner repeatedly in this slow, moving match. Ryan finally connects a few fists, and tosses Cousin Jake from the ring as we go to break. Jake, now back in the ring is being worked over in the corner by Ryan. The ref continually has to go to the count of 4, telling Ryan to break illegal choke holds. He begins to work on the shoulder of Jake. This is a much different Ryan than was highlighted the last few years on the Independent scene. Deaner’s shoulder is really being worked over and that has become the story of the match. Jake finally gains the advantage, but he is really in pain. Jake is continues to gain momentum with a clothes line. Then clothes lines Ryan again from the ring and follows up a leaping splash to the outside. Jake tosses Ryan back in and seems to be in control. He hits a power bomb and covers for a count of two. Ryan then regains an advantage on a punch to the weakened shoulder and hits a super kick. Jake kicks out of a pin attempt at the count of one. Ryan fails on another superkick. Jake attempts a powerbomb which Ryan rolls out of and school boys Jake with a assist from the ropes for a count of three.

Winner of the Match.. Joseph P. Ryan

Womens Full Metal Mayhem Match is hyped next. Rosemary is on the phone Taya Valkyrie.

Match 3 Rosemary VS Havok

Full Metal Mayhem begins with each competitor bringing weapons to the ring. Garbage cans filled with objects look to be used by each competitor. Rosemary tries to convince Havok not to fight, but Havok will have none of it. Rosemary pulls out a stapler and begins stapling Havok. Havok seems impervious and clothes lines Rosemary and takes the stapler and sticks it to Rosemary’s back. Rosemary gets thrown into a chair, but comes out firing and knocks Havok to the ground and goes outside to get some street signs. She beats Havok with them, but Havok still takes her down with a big boot to the face. Havok goes down to running into a chair in the corner. Rosemary takes a long chain and chokes Havok with it by tying her to the corner post. Rosemary taunts Havok as she chokes her. Havok pulls the chain in with her strength and regains the advantage. She then goes to get chairs from the outside with the giant chain still around her neck. When she returns Havok completely decimates Rosemary with knee shots in the corner and garbage can lids to the face. She then drags Rosemary to the center of the ring and draps her face across the chair she set up. Havok missed swinging the chain at Rosemary who then ties Havok up in the chair and uses it with some impressive offense. The action goes outside as a stranger appears. Navia… Havok recovers as Navia keeps her distance. Havok uses the garbage can on her attack. Rosemary gets the can and slams it over Havok as the match reenters the ring. Rosemary sets up a chair in the corner and gets two more set up in the ring. Havok then stands up and throws Rosemary into the chair in the corner and then choke slams her on the two in the center of the ring. Havok covers for a count of two. Havok becomes frustrated because she cannot get the pin. Rosemary, who is in a choke hold, grabs a lead pipe hits Havok in the head to break the hold. She then hits her again which knocks out Havok and set up the creepy, sadistic pin.

Winner Rosemary

X Division Champ Willie Mack and Rich Swann are shown backstage talking up the X Division. Swann congratulates Mack on winning the title. Johnny Swinger comes jumps in the interview again and says he wants a shot and gives a shot out to Verne Gagne.

Swann VS Callahan flashback is shown. Swann taps out Callahan with a barbwire baseball bat crossface.

Elgin is then shown backstage in street clothes. He is asked if he is disappointed he won’t have the shot at the title. He says he is upset he can’t send Edward and Blanchard to the hospital, but he says he will still become champion at Rebellion.

Hype package for Elgin is up next.

Elgin is seen next walking to the ring in his ring attire with a microphone to address the empty arena. He claims that he came to Impact a year ago and set his sights on the championship. He calls for a referee to come to the ring. He the forces David Penzer to get in the ring. (the announcer) The ref is then forced to raise his hand and declare Elgin the new champion, but the lights go out before he finishes.

Moose then appears at the top of the stage wearing the TNA World Championship!

Matthews questions why he is wearing the belt. Moose grabs the microphone and glares at Elgin. Moose says he understands Elgin’s pain. Moose proclaims himself, TNA Champion. Elgin tells Moose to go back to the mid card with his comedy act. Moose then calls Elgin a bitch and challenges him.. but the Hernandez comes out to the stage. Hernandez tells everyone to stop playing make believe and fight him. He charges the ring as the ref calls to ring the bell and start the match.

Match 4 Moose VS Elgin VS Hernandez for the TNA Championship

We come back from break to the main event already started. Hernandez, Moose and Elgin are all trying to out muscle each other with hip toss take downs and shoulder blocks. Nobody can claim an advantage. Moose hits a dropkick on Hernandez, and Elgin suplexes Moose. Hernandez then corners Elgin and both crush Elgin until Moose is backdropped from the corner by Hernandez. Hernandez was basement drop kicked by Elgin and then put in the Boston Crab. Elgin then flips the hold to Moose only to see Hernandez recover and break it up and work on Elgin in the corner. Hernandez and Moose work on Elgin in the corner, but Elgin regains control and hits a missile drop kick off the ropes to Hernandez as we go to break. We are back and all are trading chops and punches in the center of the ring. They are going at it Strong Style. Moose hits Elgin with a big boot and then a drop kick. Moose hits a superplex on Hernandez and the recovered Elgin hits a moonsault on to Moose. All three are back to there feet and Hernandex chops Elgin to the corner and hits high impact moves and goes for a pin that Moose breaks up. With Elgin prone, Moose is clotheslined from the ring. Elgin recovers, but Hernandez gives him the boot and goes for a pin to no avail. Moose back in, begins exchanges heavy hits with Hernandez. Moose hits two shoulder tackles and a power bomb and splash. He gets a two count. Moose turns to Elgin, but Elgin hits multiple Germans and goes for a powerbomp, but Hernandez enters from behind and gives a German suplex of his own to Elgin. Hernandez then attempts the same on Moose, but a recovered Elgin his a double German on both his foes. Elgin attempts to pin Hernandez, but he kicks out. Moose gets superkicked by Elgin and they then double close line each other. Moose hits the GTH, but Hernandez breaks up the pin on Elgin. Hernandez hits the Pounce on Moose. Elgin breaks up the pin. Elgin hits a closeline on Hernandez and goes for a powerbomb on Moose and then a bucklebomb. Moose no sells the bucklebomb and spears Elgin from the corner and gets a pin, however Elgin’s foot was under the ropes. Moose and Hernandez trade blows, Spinebuster by Hernandez, but Elgin recovers and tosses Hernandez and goes for the pin. Hernandez then breaks it up at two. Hernandez tosses Moose and then gets buckbombed by Elgin and then powerbombed. Moose makes the save by pulling the ref to the floor. The action is now outside. Elgin shoves the ref and another referee comes from the back. Hernandez dives from the ring and takes out Elgin and the new ref. Moose is tossed back in the ting. He then wakes up the first referee and goes back in the ring, but is met with a spear by Moose. Moose gets the count of three.

Winner TNA World Champion Moose

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