Vince McMahon’s Weird Performance on WWE SmackDown Explained

Apr 26, 2020 - by James Walsh

On Friday night’s episode of Friday Night Smackdown, Vince McMahon came out for the Triple H 25th anniversary celebration and acted in a way that some on the internet have considered odd. It’s possible he was just leaning into his character, but it did get people talking on social media.

WrestleVotes spoke with a source who said that McMahon just simply doesn’t care right now with all the misfortune surrounding Wrestlemania and the XFL due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The source said: “That is what he’s been like the last 2 weeks or so I’m seeing. Think this pandemic, Mania cancelled, XFL getting killed has finally got to him and he’s at the ‘f–k it’ part of it all. ‘Screw it Vince’ could be wild.”

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