Dakota Kai Discusses WWE’s Recent Heartbreaking Releases

Apr 26, 2020 - by James Walsh

Dakota Kai spoke with Sporting News for a new interview talking about the recent WWE releases and more. Highlights are below:

On what she’s doing in her free time during COVID-19: “[Laughs] It’s so weird to me to not have the loops through the weekend. Let me tell you it’s been nice to let my body heal somewhat. I’m staying busy. I’m gaming. I might get back into streaming on Twitch. I’m working out as much as I can just to fill time and watching shows. It’s been such a change to the schedule. It’s so weird. I’m finding new hobbies to do. I’m getting back into photography I bought a damn telescope because I’ve always had a love for space. I have time now to really get into it.”

On how she’s feeling physically: “At this time where we’re only having to go on Wednesdays. Initially, my body was confused. So it was still sore, but I think it was more like ‘Hey, why are we not like wrestling right now? Why are we not bumping’? It was a time where I had to actually adjust to not wrestling. I’m worried that when everything goes back to normal, then I’ll just be like, ‘Oh gosh’ (laughs). As a wrestler, we do things that no one else does that sort of conditioned our body to do what we do. Now that we’re not doing it as much, it’s very strange. It’s still nice to be able to heal. My body feels great now, but I think that when we get back into it, it’s going to be another adjustment.”

On the recent releases: “It is genuinely heartbreaking watching all of that go down along with the rest of the world, we see it all unfold. As you said, a lot of those people were my peers. It’s such a tough time. But it’s tough for every company right now. WWE is in the limelight. All of that stuff was made public. I know that even back home, my brother still has his job, but a lot of people in his company were let go. My sister, she’s a fighter over in Bali. Everyone’s struggling. It’s just such a strange, sad time…No matter what your position is in the company, it is always that sort of unknown, right? No one’s ever 100 hundred percent safe, so it was terrifying in that sense. I’m super grateful to still be able to do what I’m doing.”

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