Triple H talks about his favorite in-ring opponents

Apr 25, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Levesque talks about his favorite in-ring opponents: “There’s been a bunch of them. Honorable mentions, for sure: Austin, ‘Taker, Rock for sure, Mick Foley. But if there’s one guy where I could have rolled out of bed on five minutes’ notice, and as long as I got my boots tied in time we could have gone out there and done 45 minutes and tore it up without ever looking at each other beforehand? It would have had to have been Shawn. When we’re talking 25 years, we’re talking 25 years of friendship and traveling up and down the road. We joke about it now: I know what he’s going to say sometimes before he says it. He knew what I was going to do in the ring before I did it. Even now, doing NXT, we can be in an arena watching something that we’re trying to produce, and we make eye contact and know exactly what each other are thinking. So if I was going to say anybody, it would be Shawn. Which is more of a credit to him than to me, because he probably could have done that with anybody.”

source: ESPN

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