Taynara Conti Addresses Her WWE Release

Apr 25, 2020 - by James Walsh

As previously reported, NXT Superstar Taynara Conti was released from WWE last week. She released a new video on her official YouTube channel today where she commented on her WWE release amidst a global pandemic. You can check out that video and some highlights below. 

Conti on being grateful for her time in WWE: “As you know, I’m not with WWE anymore. I was with the company for three years and a half or so, a little bit more, yes. And honestly, was like the most crazy and amazing opportunity of my whole life. I will always be grateful because the WWE changed my life and for better. I came here to US, and I had no English. I had no idea what wrestling was before. And after two years, I was in the WrestleMania ring you guys. You have any idea? I had just two years of experience, and I was in WrestleMania. I was the first Brazilian to be signed with WWE, the first one to step in a WrestleMania ring. So, I had so many cool moments and so many good feelings that I’m just grateful. I met so many good people and special that I will have them with me forever, for my whole life.” 

Conti on her WWE release: “So, it was good, but the last couple of months, I wasn’t feeling that anymore. I wasn’t happy. As you guys know, I have a background in judo, so I’m always competing with myself, and I need to feel that I’m growing, that I have space to grow, that I’m useful, and I was not feeling like that anymore. I talked to them [WWE]. We tried to figure it out — I was just not happy. And I am like that. When I’m not happy, I try to change. If I can change, let’s go. Move on. And then, I asked for my release about two months. And they were not able to give it to by then, and I had no option but to try again. And then, the middle of pandemic, I was at home, and then I got a call. ‘Hey, Tay. Bye.’ They released me. Of course, it was a shock. I was upset. I was nervous, but you know, now that I’ve figured out everything, I’m happy because I want to have good feelings about the WWE in my heart. And I will always it.” 

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