HBK and Vince McMahon hilariously roast Triple H on Smackdown

Apr 25, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo


HBK then said it all changed for Triple H when he met “her.” That her is Stephanie “No Fun” McMahon. At that point, Triple H received a FaceTime call and it was Stephanie, who was livid that Shawn is making fun of her. “You tell that no-good, lazy-eye…” Steph said before her husband hung up on her.

Ric Flair then called in via FaceTime and obviously cried and told Triple H not to let Shawn super kick him during the segment. Road Dogg also called via FaceTime but his call didn’t last long as Triple H hung up on him too as Shawn told him they don’t have too much time left. But there was still more to come as Shawn said he didn’t even get to the Katie Vick segment yet!

At that point, Vince McMahon came out and said under normal circumstances he’d come to the ring and give him a big bearhug but he was going to stay at the top of the ramp for this one. He said usually in a segment like this, we would hear the WWE fans chanting “Triple H, Triple H” but in this case it would be only his family in front row doing that while the rest of the fans would be chanting “boring, boring!”

Vince compared this segment to when the Gobbley Gooker was unveiled, or the Bayley “This Is Your Life” segment, or even the Katie Vick segment. “That was bad and in poor taste,” Vince said of the Vick segment.

“Seriously, I love you,” McMahon told Triple H. “And I think tonight – I love both of you but the way (referring to HBK) – I wanna say you and your performance are God awful. It was rotten, absolutely rotten, and if you haven’t put everybody to sleep by now, I am going to say goodnight,” the boss said.

McMahon then ordered to “wrap it up” as the WWE Performance Center lights started to come down one by one. “Is he kicking us out?” said Triple H. With most lights down, the sound of crickets played over the speakers. “Do you hear crickets?” asked HHH. “The story of your career buddy, the story of your career,” responded Shawn.

Worth also noting is that when the segment started and Triple H was about to spit the water to do his usual entrance, a WWE stagehand ran and took his water, not allowing Triple H to even have a sip!

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