Longtime WWE Employee Kerwin Silfies Was Also Furloughed Last Week

Apr 24, 2020 - by James Walsh

Last week saw the release or furlough of many WWE talents, including wrestlers, producers and more. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that longtime employee Kerwin Silfies, who was the lead director of WWE TV since 1984, was also furloughed. Silfies’ name was first revealed on Grilling Jr by Conrad Thompson, but later confirmed by others in the company. WWE themselves have not confirmed or denied the news. 

WWE had been focusing on releasing many of the older employees, possibly due to a higher salary or the travel involved with TV jobs. The older employees are at higher risk due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. 

Silfies wasn’t with the WWE the entire time since 1984, as he left WWE at one point and came back. Marty Miller has been working as the main television director but Silfies still helped produce the shows. 

Silfies was also the inspiration for at least the first name of Kerwin White, Chavo Guerrero’s problematic character from 2005.

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