Drake Maverick Status Update: Rehired or Not?

Apr 24, 2020 - by James Walsh

Last week, Drake Maverick was one of the many talents released by WWE, and released a video message in which he sadly stated that he would still be part of the Cruiserweight title tournament. He also said those would be his final matches ever. This past week on NXT, Maverick lost to Jake Atlas. The story of his firing has been mentioned on WWE TV, which has led to some to believe that perhaps WWE had hired him back and turned this into a storyline after the outpouring of support he received.

However, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter and PWInsider both report that this is not the case. As of Wednesday, he is still set to leave WWE once the 90-day non-compete clause is up, but WWE will keep him working until then. They are still paying them for the next 90 days unless they’ve already received their downside guarantee. There’s always a chance his release could be rescinded (it’s happened in the past for Matt Hardy and the Blue Meanie) but as of now, he is still set to leave.

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