Velveteen Dream accused of sending inappropriate photos and messages to fans including a minor

Apr 24, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Velveteen Dream was trending on Twitter today for all the wrong reasons after a 17-year-old Reddit user made some serious allegations against the NXT Superstar accusing him of sending nude photos to him and two other friends, with one of them being underage.

“He’s genuinely sending my friends and I messages of a sexual nature. I’d like to think it’s a hacker but I don’t know. How do I begin to approach this? How do I contact WWE? I have proof,” the Reddit user with the username king_of_the_edge wrote.

After posting a photo as proof, the user asked for legal advice and said that he’s thinking of deleting the thread and forwarding all the information to the police. He revealed that his friends – both males – are 15 and 16 respectively and all of them are from Canada.

“He blocked me on Instagram after I wouldn’t send him an uncensored nude pic back,” the user continued. A video of a SnapChat conversation that his friend had with Dream was posted online too, with the WWE star sending a voice message asking which school does he go to. The Reddit user told us that the conversations with Dream took place between Midnight and 5AM today.

Asked if he reported the incident to the local police yet, the alleged victim told us, “We have not reported it to police, yet. It’s a very surreal situation to be caught in and quite frankly overwhelming. We will report it though, we have our evidence.” The user gave us permission to use his real name but we have opted not to publish it.

Dream, real name Patrick Clark, used Twitter to shoot down any allegation leveled against him in a short statement issued today. “Be assured I did not communicate inappropriately with anyone. A private photo of mine was shared without my consent or knowledge and I am working with a third party to look into this matter,” he wrote.

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