Triple H reveals Vince had no idea what a boneyard match should look like

Apr 23, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

On the latest episode of the After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves, Triple H revealed that Vince McMahon had no idea what a boneyard match was supposed to look like and left it up to him to figure the whole thing out.

Vince only knew that it should take place in some sort of a graveyard and told Triple H to “just make it good” for WrestleMania. Triple H said that he was only offered one cameraman because everyone else was tied up but then he decided to bring in his NXT team along with Jeremy Borash, and from one camera he got seven cameras and some drones as well and did the whole cinematic look for the match.

Filming for the boneyard match was long and went through the night with several people on location making sure everything goes smoothly. Triple H said that the crew members who were tasked with the work of building the set were very thankful for WWE because that was the only work they had that month due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The boneyard match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles main evented night one of WrestleMania and the match was liked by the majority of fans who were impressed at the movie-like feel that WWE presented.

Speaking of WrestleMania, Triple H also added that the two-night affair might be the way forward as it was better than presenting eight hours at one go. Presenting WrestleMania on two different nights will have its own challenges though, including the problem of filling the stadium twice over.

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