Update on Sarah Logan’s status with WWE

Apr 21, 2020 - by James Walsh

As previously noted, there was talk about Sarah Logan possibly being brought back to WWE after being released last Wednesday. Logan’s name was mentioned on RAW but she did not make an appearance. Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com discussed Logan’s status with the company: 

“Sarah Logan was actually supposed to be on the show in… one or two points… and they were mentioning her name.” 

“So the deal is that for some of the talent and Drake Maverick is another one… the mentality is that since they’re getting paid for 90 days some of them will continue to be booked… Sarah was in fact scripted to be on the show and after the show started she was taken off the show. Don’t ask me why.” 

“The mentality is that they can use her for another 90 days and she was going to be on the show, then somebody made the call that she’s not going to be on the show.” 

“She was not rehired, and it’s not to say that she won’t be, I don’t think she will be…” 

“Things change everyday and this one was crazy, during the afternoon it was pretty much known that she was going be on the show and then after the show started they made the call to take her off the show.” 

Thanks to Reddit user TussalDimon for the quotes.

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