Photos of Money in the Bank Rooftop setup at WWE HQ

Apr 21, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE has apparently already filmed the Money In The Bank ladder matches last week at the corporate headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, with images being leaked of the setup that was used on the roof.

A ring was constructed on the roof of Titan Towers with large plants lit up green surrounding one side and a tower crane that served as the lighting rig and where the briefcases were hung from. In the photos leaked, several ladders are seen around the ring.

Sean Sapp from Fightful Wrestling adds that filming actually took place earlier last week and took a whole day to complete, with WWE opting to use their cinematic technique for these matches. With the matches filmed more like a movie rather than a regular match, there were a lot of stoppages to get different angles and involved a lot of patience from everyone involved.

The weather at night did not help things either with WWE Superstars required to wrestle on the roof in the cold for a long time until all shots required were filmed.

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