Diamond Dallas Page Will Not Open Georgia Gym on Friday

Apr 21, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

source: TMZ

Diamond Dallas Page thinks Georgia’s moving too fast when it comes to reopening businesses … so don’t count on him to do it.

The pro wrestling legend tells TMZ … he’s a big fan of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. In fact, he voted for him, but he’s not down with Kemp lifting much of Georgia’s lockdown restrictions. On Friday, gyms, barbershops, spas and several other businesses can reopen, but DDP says he’s opting to remain closed.

Instead, he says he’ll err on the side of caution with his Diamond Dallas Page Yoga Performance Center in Smyrna, GA — about 20 minutes outside Atlanta. That being said, DDP isn’t blasting other business owners who will open their doors.

As he put it … “if it works for other people, then let them do it.” But, personally speaking, he’s advising friends to remain home and continue to social distance until health experts get a better grip of the coronavirus.

It’s obvious DDP has been following the news closely, and he’s pretty pissed about the way the small business loans were rolled out. He’s hoping someone finds a vaccine soon — but he’s not holding his breath.

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