4/21/20 Impact Recap: Rebellion (Night One)

Apr 21, 2020 - by Scott Porter

The show opens with a video package hyping tonight’s card, Rebellion! (Night One)

The setting is a dark empty arena.

The matches tonight will be called by Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne.

Match 1

OVE VS Tommy Dreamer, Rhino and a mystery partner… The partner turns out to be Crazy Steve, who is making his return to Impact.

Dreamer starts off against Jack Crist. Both are exchanging wrist locks. Dreamer shows his agility flipping out of the arm twist Crist performs a nip up and dares Dreamer to do one. Dreamer can’t nip up, but enlists his team to help him pull the move off. Crazy Steve double team Jake. OVE tags in the monster, Mad Man Fulton. Steve tags Rhino. Crist and Rhino trade punches. Dave Crist tags in and is immediately double teamed by Rhino and Crazy Steve. Mathews notes that Tessa Blanchard was not able to make it due to travel issues and wonders if that will cause an issue for her. Rhino and Fulton are tagged and in Fulton takes control in the corner with his team members tagging in and out. Crist and his brother are making quick tags and the former tag champs are showing why they were champions. Dreamer eventually tags in and hits a cutter on Jake. Quick tags as OVE retakes control over Dreamer. Dreamer is taking all kinds of punishment, but OVE has him down. Dreamer hits a desperation punch and escapes to make the tag to Rhino with Jake in the ring. Rhino reverses an Irish Whip and hits a succession of power moves. OVE pile in the ring to slow down Rhino and Dreamer and Crazy Steve join in. Crazy Steve gets tossed over the ring by Mad Man. Rhino gores Dave Crist and makes the pin for his team.

Winners Rhino, Dreamer and Crazy Steve

Eddie Edwards could not make it to the triple threat with Tessa and Michael Elgin. An interview with Eddie Edwards takes place from his home. He explains he could not travel because he didn’t want to put his family in harms way. He said he will be back better than ever.

Elgin appears in street clothes and explains his back story. He even talks about his ROH World Champ and his Intercontinental Championship in NJPW. He mentions he wants to be bigger than AJ Styles, among others. He then says Tessa Blanchard is afraid and Edwards is just making excuses. Elgin claims he will be champion by the end of Rebellion.

Match 2

The Rascalz VS Triple XXXL (Romero and Larry D) VS TJP and Fallah Bahh

TJP takes and early advantage over Dez of the Rascalz. The match starts with TJP hitting lots of aerial moves. TJP hits Dez in a form of the abdominal stretch. Dez tags in his partner and they begin to pull off some fast-paced double team moves. Excellent work. Wentz who is a former MMA fighter is stretching TJP. Wentz continues to have TJP in mat-based holds until TJP breaks free and tags Fallah. Fallah hits a splash on Dez as we go to break. We come back and Larry D is now in with Fallah. Larry works over Fallah in the corner and then goes for a pin with a count of one. Larry tags in Romero. Romero continues the advantage with a splash on Fallah. Romero tags back in Larry D. Larry goes for another pin. Then puts Fallah on the mat with a head lock. Fallah stands out, but Larry D continues the offense. Larry clamps on a front face lock. Fallah stands up, and Fallah eventually hits a belly to belly. Larry D. tags in Romero and they continue the attack. Fallah eventually has had enough and hits Larry D. with a Samoan Drop then tags TJP back in. The Rascalz tag in and double team Larry D. TJP interjects and foils a double team move. Larry D the takes out TJP. The match quickly gets out of hand as each team enters the action with no regard to tags. Romero and Larry D. go for a pin on Dez, but he kicks out. Dez is prone to XXXL since everyone else is knocked out until Wentz makes the save and hits a cutter on Larry D. Romero is now knocked out the rings and Dez hits a twisting flip off the top rope. Rascalz then make the pin on Larry D.

Winners Rascalz

The North then send in an interview from Canada. They say they are happy to be in Canada, on top of the States. They say they will be back and find the best competition.

Rich Swann is shown in street clothes and Willie Mack. Mack says it means the world to him Rich is there to have his back when he fights for the X Division Title against Ace Austin. Rich encourages Mack to go win.

Highlights of what brought us to Mack VS Austin air next.

Match 3

Willie Mack VS Ace Austin

Matthews wonders if Rich Swans presence will help him get the win. Austin comes in with his magic stick and the belt. He then begins his normal stall heading back outside to adjust his boots. He enters the ring and leaves again. Mack calmly stands in the ring as the ref begins the count. Mack circles Ace and he bails again. Mack is beginning to get upset. Mack is sporting some purple contacts that match his trunks. Ace attempts to shake hands with Willie and kick him. Mack will have nothing to do with that. They finally lock up and Mack connects with some heavy hands. The action goes to the outside and Mack continues the offense with kicks. Austin gest thrown in by Mack. Mack attempts offense in the corner but misses and Austin begins to twist Mack in aggressive holds that are more to torcher than make him tap. Mack counters back and hits a standing reverse moonsault. Austin regains control and drapes Mack over the bottom rope and pushes is leg viciously against the ropes. Ace preys on Mack with knee strikes and kicks. Madison Rayne explains she thinks Swann is going to turn on Mack. Mathews says they are best friends. Swann may be in the studio, but he is not at ringside. Austin goes to the air with some impressive innovative top rope offense. Mack is lifted by Ace back up and hits Ace with a reverse elbow and they begin to trade blows. Mack wins the exchange and whips Ace from corner to corner. Mack pounds on Austin. Mack attempts a stunner, but Austin reversed it and hits the Fold. Mack kicks out at 2. Ace is shocked Mack kicked out of his finish. Austin tries another Fold and it gets reversed into a Stunner by Mack. Ace kicks out. Austin is down and Mack climbs to the top rope. Austin goes coast to coast on Austin!! Shane O Mac would be impressed. Austin crawls to the center of the ring as Mack goes back to the top rope. Mack goes for the frog splash, but misses. Both are down and exhausted. Austin is up first and goes for the pin, but the ref breaks up the count as Austin had his feet on the ropes. Austin climbs the top rope, but Mack meets him. Austin slips under Mack and then attempts a back suplex, but Mack reverses and Austin flies off the ropes to his back. Mack goes for the frog splash and connects. He pins Ace for the 3 counts.

Winner and New X Division Champion.. Willie Mack

Mack celebrates in the ring as Swann joins Mack on the ramp dancing. They dance in celebration.

Shamrock is shown warming up for his match with Sami Callahan as they goto break.

Back from break and Swann and Mack are shown in the back. Swann claims to be happy for Mack and says they should now they need to go for the tag belts. Johnny Swinger shows up and confuses Mack and Swann with goofy comments. Then says he is owed a match for the title, but wants to party with Swann and Mack first. They run from Swinger.

Kylie Rae vs Kiera Hogan hype package next.

Match 4

Kylie Rae vs Kiera Hogan

Hogan begins with trash talk until Rae drops Hogan and puts on the STF. Kickout by Hogan. Hogan wants a test of strength, cheats to gain an advantage and begins to punch Rae, but Rae takes an advantage in the corner and embarrasses Hogan in the corner. Hogan gets upset and hits a hard punch and then a stiff kick. Hogan works over Kylie in the corner and then goes for a pin. Kylie kicks out as we go to break. Hogan remains in control as we are back. Hogan goes to a ground game on Rae. Rae talks trash as she works over Kylie. Rae hits Hogan with a super kick. They then begin trading them until they both go down. They both get to their knees and trade blows as they stand up. They go back and forth. Rae hits a superkick again and get a 2 count. Hogan hits another kick on Rae then a count of two. Rae reverses and hits a suplex and tackle in the corner. Rae hits a cannonball on Hogan. Rae now is talking trash and Hogan will have none of it. She hits another superkick. While down, Rae trips Hogan and locks on the STF. Hogan Taps.

Winner Kylie Rae

Hype package airs for night two of Rebellion, airing next week.

Up next Callahan VS Shamrock. Unsanctioned

Hype package for Shamrock / Sami

Match 5

Sami Callahan vs Ken Shamrock

Shamrock looks jacked as he enters. Callahan attacks Shamrock before he can get in the rings. This will be a fight. Callahan tosses Shamrock in the barricade which just annoys Shamrock. They fight back and forth outside the ring. Callahan uses the ring itself as a weapon on Shamrock, but Shamrock just continues to ignore the pain and toss Callahan into the railing repeatedly. Shamrock jumps from the stage to Callahan on the floor. The actions goes backstage as we go to break. Shamrock is now show looking for Sami, who sprays something in Ken’s eyes. Sami then begins saying he is the Worlds Most Dangerous Man and hits Shamrock with garbage cans. He then pulls out a chain and uses it as a weapon on Shamrock, wrapping it around his mouth and head. Shamrock while down kicks Sami and jumps to his feet and begins pummeling Callahan. OVE then attacks Shamrock with a garbage can just as Shamrock was about to hit Callahan. Mad Man holds Shamrock as Callahan gets a pipe. Callahan then turns on Mad Man and hits him with it and then attacks OVE. He chokes them all out as Shamrock struggles to his feet. Callahan and Shamrock smile at each other and agree to finish the fight outside. Callahan gains control and works over Shamrock against a semi. Callahan puts Shamrock in a sleeper. Ken finally reverses and puts on the ankle lock until Callahan passes out from the pain. Shamrock wins.

Winner Ken Shamrock

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