Triple H Confirms Another Mae Young Classic Will Happen

Apr 19, 2020 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Inside the Ropes, Triple H discussed how there is so much talent in the UK and that is what led them to creating a NXT UK brand, and also confirming that they will be doing another Mae Young Classic “soon.” Highlights are below. 

On what led them to creating a NXT UK brand: “There’s a wealth of talent here that have built something really cool here through their hard work and through their determination and kind of learning on their own, kind of built their own thing here, and to come here and now, I guess, in some ways reward them for that hard work and start to create something bigger here for them, and start to create a pathway that leads them to something more.” 

“This is about being able to make this a career and a long term career choice for them and to be able to expand that out so that it can be on every level for them and for everyone else and see that that pathway is there to something bigger.” 

On becoming aware of how much talent was out there when they started putting together the Mae Young Classic: “Even as aware of the environment, globally, as we are, when we went to go do the Mae Young Classic the first time, and we started to say, oh we’re going to do this tournament with women, are there enough women out there for us to do this? We’ll do 16, but finding 16 elite women of the caliber that we want to be in this will be a challenge, and then we started to dig and we started to find more and more and next thing you know we’re at 32 and next thing you know, to do a 32 women in the tournament, I’m going, hm, boy, who am I going to put in there and who am I not gonna put in there?” 

On doing another Mae Young Classic soon: “We’re gonna do it again here soon, and we’re kind of getting to that point again now, like, wow, there is just a lot out there. So they are here and there and they’re all over the place. I think the talent sort of gravitate toward finding each other and they end up in these little pockets and then they’re all learning from each other but helping to bring that out and show it to the rest of the world is the goal.”

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