ROH Is Paying Its Talent During Downtime

Apr 17, 2020 - by James Walsh

As we previously reported, Ring of Honor paid the participants of the Quest for Gold tournament that was set to begin on April 24 before it was cancelled. The news was revealed by the wrestlers themselves, which included names like Katarina, Alex Gracia and Heather Monroe. 

PWInsider reports that ROH has actually paid all of its talents for the cancelled shows, including contracted talent and outside talent brought in specifically to work the shows. This even extends to people that weren’t set for the tournament and international performers that hadn’t debuted like Adam Brooks. ROH has paid all staff, including the ring crew, in full for all scheduled dates. 

ROH has also made sure that any international talents that had been traveling to or had already arrived in Las Vegas for the cancelled PPV and TV tapings a few weeks ago were rushed back home to make sure they wouldn’t be stuck in the United States if travel restrictions were put in place. Some of the wrestlers landed in the US and were immediately booked for return flights, so they never left the airport. ROH talent in America were given the choice of staying to film non-wrestling content and taking their original flights back, or getting an immediate flight home. 

ROH is tentatively scheduled to return in June with shows in Dallas and San Antonio.

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