Backstage News on Cuts at WWE HQ

Apr 17, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

A new report has details on the cuts made at WWE Headquarters as well as the mood and morale among WWE employees there. PWInsider reports that the staff at the WWE HQ in Stamford are “acclimating to the new normal” of the large amount of furloughs done at the building.

According to the report, one person in the company felt like at least 40% of the company was gone today, and several people have had some form of survivor’s guilt over still being there when so many others are gone. The live events division was said to have taken particularly heavy cuts due to the fact that, obviously, there are no live events currently. Also taking deep cuts is the digital division of the company.

The site reports that the company hopes to have the staff back by July — which matches up with a report from earlier in the day — and that WWE will cover benefits until then.

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