MJF: ‘Something Awful Has Happened to Me and It Has Gradually Gotten Worse’

Apr 14, 2020 - by James Walsh

AEW wrestler MJF shared an interesting tweet this week, writing that “something awful has happened” to him and it appears to be getting “worse.” You can view the tweet he shared below. 

MJF tweeted, “I wish I could put my body on the line more for you guys. I truly care so much about you being entertained during your hour of need. Unfortunately something awful has happened to me and it has gradually gotten worse. I can’t comment on what the issue is at this time.” It’s not clear yet what MJF could be referring to here. 

He wrote the tweet in response to a fan who said, “get off your lazy ***!” So, it’s possible this could’ve been a sarcastic response. 

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