4/14/20 Impact Wrestling Recap

Apr 14, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are on the call tonight for this weeks episode of Impact from the Coca Cola Roxy in Atlanta, GA.

The show kicks off with a recap of last weeks show, highlighted by Sami Callihan’s fire throwing at Ken Shamrocks face and Tessa Blanchard’s ongoing build toward her match with Eddie Edwards.

Match 1 Johnny Swinger Vs Young Buck (M Jackson)
Swinger’ comes out claiming to be having a match with one of the hottest acts in wrestling today. The Young Buck that walks from behind the curtain is actually Mike Jackson from the Georgia Championship Wrestling days on the WTBS. Mike Jackson is in his 70s and wearing his signature singlet but looks to be in fantastic shape. Jackson gets the mic and says he loves Impact, but hates the way Swinger disrespects the young talent in the back. He says he is going to give a butt kicking to Swinger. Jackson outwrestles Swinger with chain moves and rolls up Swinger for a count of two. Swinger left the ring and Jackson flew from the ring and took out Swinger. The action was fast and went back in the ring where Jackson put on a single arm DDT. Jackson climbed the ropes and walked the ropes like all the way around while having Swinger in a arm ringer. INCREDIBLE! Jackson dropped and elbow on Swinger. Swinger recovered and suplexed Jackson. Then began to pound on Jackson. Swinger threw him into the turnbuckle then went for the pin and got a count of 2. Swinger being frustrated, raked the eyes and went for another pin. Jackson rallied and pulled the straps down on his singlet, ala Jerry Lawler. The crowd is cheering as he corners Swinger and climbs the ropes and lays in 10 punches to Swingers head, as the crowd counts along. Swinger dropped to a knee after Jackson lost his balance climbing down the ropes. Jackson went back in on Swinger, but Johnny grabbed the legs and put Jackson down. Swinger put all his weight on the prone Jackson by putting his legs on the ropes for extra leverage. Three slaps later on the mat and Swinger is your winner.

Winner of the Match Johnny Swinger

Promo for X Division Champion Ace Austin. He is talking down challenger Willie Mack. Austin claims Mack should be worried about his injured partner, Rich Swann. Austin is attacked by Trey as they cut to break for making a sexual comment about his mom.

We come back from break to see wrestlers congratulating Mike Jackson on having a great performance in the back. They cut to Shamrock getting warned to not put his hands on Sami Callihan or he will lose his opportunity to wrestle at Rebellion.

Match 2 The Rascalz VS XXXL VS Reno Scum VS TJP and Fallah Bahh
Fallah seems to have the fans love. Members of XXXL and Scum start off. XXXL push their weight around with quick tags. The Rascalz tag in and quickly turn the tide. Reno tags in and takes control as we go to break. Back from break and Reno Scum are still in control. The fans want Fallah. Lester the legend of Reno Scum does the old Nasty Boys Pity City spot. Still gross. Dez from the Rascalz tags in and he takes control. TJP tags in for Dez and hits a cutter off the top on Wentz. Fallah tags in continues the office. XXXL comes in after a cheap shot knocks Fallah out of the ring. Lester is in trouble now as XXXL are double teaming him. Then they both dive from the ring in opposite directions to everyone on the floor. Meanwhile in the ring, Reno Scum go for a double team, but TJP and Fallah foil the plan. They take down Reno Scum with a Samoan Drop and top rope splash on Lester. Fallah makes the pin.

Winner TJP and Fallah

Immediately after the match the Tag Champs, The North hit the ring and get in the face of Fallah and TJP. They stare at each other as they cut to a flashback of the Blanchard vs Gail Kim match. Blanchard tapped Gail Kim out.

Up next a segment with Joey Ryan and the Deaners. Cody Deaner and Ryan are shown in a match (this is just a clip of the match) that Deaner pins Ryan. Ryan is then shown arguing with the editors saying they need to show the version of they tape he gave them.

Next clip is RVD in a hot tub with his wife, who appears to be topless. They are partying it up and apologizes to Joey Ryan for not being there for him last week. They said Katy is practicing social distancing.. they then engage in a kiss.

Match 3 Rohit Raju VS Hernandez
Hernandez looks jacked. Rohit takes a short lived advantage with punches until Hernandez outpowers him. Hernandez goes for a power bomb that Rohit rolls out of, but Hernandez gets away. Rohit runs the ropes and is met with a hard Bounce that knocks him off his feat. Hernandez goes for a border toss that ends the match quickly.

Winner Hernandez.

Madison Rayne’s Locker Room Talk is up next. Swinger is there full of himself from the victory earlier. Kylie Rey is brought in for an interview with Rayne. Rey is happy to be there and this is her dream. Swinger seems to be excited she is there. Rey is excited to be in a match with Kiera Hogan, but Madison is egging her on to say something bad about Hogan. Hogan enters and talks down to Kylie. Kylie then tells her she is not very nice and storms off.

Match 4 from Kitar. Elgin VS Eddie Edwards (Middle Eastern Champion)

Early the match was fast with slams traded back and forth. Elgin took control with his hold up suplex. Elgin tied up Eddie in the ropes and went for a close line but missed and spilled out of the ring. Eddie knock Elgin off the ropes again and took the fight to the floor where he laid in some punches. Elgin slapped Eddie, then Eddie threw Elgin back in the ring. They traded chops until Elgin power bombed Edwards in the corner. Edwards then turned the tide with a power bomb of his own. The crowd was booing Eddie Edwards. Elgin hit Edwards with the power slam but missed with a power bomb. They punched back and forth with haymakers, strong style. Elgin eventually knocked Eddie down, but got up and used the official’s body to get an advantage. The official was knocked down and grabbed Elgin’s belt to gain a further advantage until Brian Cage made the save. The ref woke up and Elgin hit the Buckle Bomb into a Power Bomb to become the UPW Middle Eastern Champion.

Winner and new Champion, Michael Elgin

Match 5 X Division Champion, Ace Austin VS Trey (The Rascals)
Austin loves to stall and make people wait for him. They finally begin this match and moves are to quick to call. Trey finally basement drop kicks Austin to the outside. Austin regains control and drops Trey from his shoulders on to his head on the edge of the mat. Austin rolls Trey back in and goes for the pin to no avail. Austin begins to work on the mid section of Trey. He tells Trey he doesn’t have what it takes as he stomps on him. Ace hits a hard snap suplex into a submission next. Trey is in pain. Trey finally hits a desperation shot to the midsection with ends up giving him time to hit a version of a cutter. Austin is in trouble and Trey goes to the top rope for a drop kick that connects. Ace recovers and hits a spinning kick. They go back and forth with kicks. Trey heads for the top rope, but misses, then recovers briefly only to miss on a kick and get rolled up by Austin with a school boy with help from a trunk pull.

Winner Ace Austin

WIllie Mack promo is next shown saying he is coming for Ace Austin.

Main Even up next
Taya Valkyrie with Johnny Bravo VS Tenille Dashwood
Dashwood takes control early and keeps Valkyrie outside with stiff moves. Dashwood goes to the top rope but Bravo knocks her from the rope. Taya goes for a top rope suplex and gets a count of 2. Taya and Bravo continue to cheat and keep Dashwood in trouble. Taya lays in stiff shot after stiff shot in the corner. She then connects with a double knee. Taya then puts Tenille in the Boston Crab in the center of the ring. Tenille breaks the hold and continues to lay the boots on. Dashwood finally reverses a whip and starts to work on Taya. Dashwood hits a double arm underhook suplex for a count of two. Valkyrie then hits a spear. Valkyrie hits the road too, but Dashwood kicks out at two. Bravo hands Taya a chair, but the ref grabs it away. Dashwood then reverses a hold into a roll up for the win. Taya gets a char and hits Dashwood with it in the gut and then over the back. Valkyrie then brings in a garbage can and smashes Dashwood with it. Then piles chairs on Dashwood as she lays prone on the mat. Valkyrie then smashes the trash can lid over Dashwood while looking completely possessed. Bravo even tries to stop Taya, but Taya knocks him down and climbs to the top rope to end her until Jordyn Grace comes in to make the save with a kendo stick fending off Taya and Bravo.

Winner Tenille Dashwood

Promo for Dreamer and Rhyno next as he and another partner get ready to face OVE in NYC next week.

Shamrock and Sami Callihan contract signing is up next. Promo package first, recapping the issues between the two. Both come out to a table. Josh Matthews exits. Callahan begins with his feet on the desk, cockily saying he can’t touch him. Sami continues to antagonize Shamrock. Shamrock says nothing and signs the contract. Callahan tells Shamrock to thank him for the match and brings up Shamrocks family. Ken stood up when he mentions his family. Callahan calls him a bitch as we go black. Lights come back on and hooded characters are in the crowd with ICU emojis on their face. They all exit and Shamrock chases them backstage. Shamrock jumps in a car and tells the driver to drive. His phone rings and Callahan lets Shamrock know the driver is ICU as the show goes off air.

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