Will Ospreay On The Possibility of AEW and NJPW Working Together

Apr 13, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Will Ospreay On The Possibility of AEW and NJPW Working Together, Who He’d Want to Work With in AEW

During his discussion with WrestleTalk, Will Ospreay talked about the possibility of AEW and NJPW working together and who he’d want to do work with from AEW.

On if there’s progress on AEW and NJPW working together:

“There’s nothing. I wish I could tell you there is something, but there isn’t.”

On if he would be open to the idea of a working relationship between the two:

“Yes and no. Yes because I think that’s what fans want, and I’m a believer in giving them what they want. No, because neither party needs each other. The main reason is, AEW is succeeding, Let’s do this in terms of wrestling and in terms of revenue. I don’t know what AEW makes, I’ve got no idea, but I can only assume that because Tony Khan is behind it it’s doing financially very very well. Especially because they’ve got four more years on TNT, they don’t need to change anything.

Keep doing what you’re doing. New Japan has its highest revenue to date, Regardless of it happening, we are putting on bangers every single big pay-per-view. Does NJPW need AEW? No. Does AEW need NJPW? No. But we can support from the sidelines. I support AEW and I hope they support New Japan. If there was a chance for it to come true and for it to happen, I’d be all for it. I’ll strap up and I’m ready to put in a shift. Until then, I’m supporting from the sidelines, they are all my friends but I’m 100% a New Japan guy.”

On who he’d want to work with in AEW:”

“I saw an interview with Tony Khan, someone sent it to me, about AEW guys working for New Japan and he said ‘I wouldn’t mind it if NJPW sent some of their guys our way.’ To be fair, we should at least repay a favour. All it needs is for one party to pick up the phone. It’s just a phone call away. If Tony did want me to show up, as long as New Japan are happy with it, I’d happily do it. [I’d want to work with] PAC. Just because we didn’t get a defined finish. It was a 30 minute time limit draw at Rev Pro. I would really like to do that. But now I’ve just said it, I really like Jericho. I grew up watching WCW. It’s Chris Jericho. I would love to do Chris Jericho. I’ll lean towards Jericho because it’s never happened before.

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