Chelsea Green Discusses if WWE Tough Enough Producers Asked her to Create Drama

Apr 13, 2020 - by James Walsh

In a video posted to her YouTube page, NXT Superstar Chelsea Green discussed her time on the Tough Enough reboot in 2015 and if the producers would try to create drama, using an example of how producers would twist her and Mandy Rose both being blond as a way to create tension between the two. Highlights from the video Chelsea Green shared are below. 

On if the producers of Tough Enough would tell her to create drama: “The simple answer is no, we don’t get told to create drama. However, are we praised if we do? Yes. Are we pushed in that direction? Yes. But we’re definitely not told to create drama. Everything has to be somewhat authentic. Can’t just stem from nothing, kind of has to have real roots to it, whatever this little feud is or the problem is or the drama is, there has to be some legs to it.” 

On how the producers would use something like her and Mandy Rose having the same hair color as a way to plant the seeds of tension between the two: “So basically the producers would kind of, plant a little seed in your ear. Maybe they would say to, let’s go with the blond example. I’m blond, Mandy’s blond, maybe they would plant a seed in Mandy’s ear and say, ‘Do you think that she was trying to copy you? Before she used to be brunette, and now she’s blond. You’re the only blond in the house.’ And then they would say, ‘Why don’t you go talk to her about that?’ Before she’d talk to me, they might say, ‘Hey, don’t you think Mandy’s getting really jealous that you’re blond? She probably thinks you copied her.’ Then when you meet up to talk, all of a sudden there’s fireworks, know what I mean? Because you’re both on edge. You’re both thinking the opposite things, the same things, I don’t know. It’s crazy. The producers are kind of like, little puppet masters, and honestly, it’s pretty amazing what they can do. I loved the producers of our show, I thought that they were awesome, and I always knew what they wanted from me, so I tried to give it to them.” 

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