More on a WWE employee testing positive for COVID-19

Apr 12, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

credit: Sean Ross Sapp of via twitter:

Q. Are there any plans to cease live shows as of now?
SRS: Not as of this moment.

Q. Have they done anything to clean the PC since finding out there was a positive test? And did talent know before the story broke or did they wrestle without knowledge of the danger
SRS: I’m sure they’ve cleaned the hell out of it but I haven’t heard. Talent knew

Q. Why did WWE decide to go back to taping live instead of taping weeks in advance like they previous did?
SRS: Vince as best I’ve heard

Q. Was that person also there filming WrestleMania Week?
SRS: Yes

Q. Will the wrestlers refuse to wrestle
SRS: Not all of them

Q. Was talent notified of the person or change in taping plans in advance or was this all out of the blue?
SRS: Talent were notified of the positive test last weekend via an internal company app

Q. Do you think WWE will stop taping television?
SRS: Not until they’re forced to

Q. Is this person symptomatic or asymptomatic
SRS: Was symptomatic. Has seemingly recovered

Q. Did roman leave before the person with covid 19?
SRS: He left while they were still there. But I don’t know if the person actively had COVID-19 while at the PC. They think it happened a little after

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