Edge Says Bret Hart Was Proud of Edge/Orton at WrestleMania 36

Apr 11, 2020 - by James Walsh

Apparently the “Hitman” likes extremely long matches with referees that can’t count to 10 and golf commentary.

On the latest edition of After The Bell, WWE Hall of Famer Edge discussed criticism of his WrestleMania 36 match with Randy Orton, and how Bret Hart told him he loved the match, as well as how he and Orton had the change everything they had planned hours before the match because they found out the match would not be filmed during the daytime (he mentioned that he had ideas about incorporating drones into the match, but that filming in the dark forced them to change up the match). Highlights are below.

Edge on what Bret Hart told him about his WrestleMania 36 match: “I’m very, very proud of it. I’ve heard that there’s feedback that it was too long and it’s this and it’s that, listen, all of the feedback I’ve gotten personally to myself or through my social media feeds has been all positive. When I have Bret Hart call me and tell me that he loved it because it looked like a fight, I don’t care what anybody else says from that point on, because his opinion to me has more weight than absolutely everyone anywhere, nobody’s gonna top his opinion to me, and if he liked it, and he thought it was a fight, good, mission accomplished. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. It’s wrestling. It’s art. It’s subjective.”

Edge on how they had to everything they had planned hours before filming the match: “We had a lot of things that we had to adapt around on top of doing it within the empty arena, the time that we filmed it didn’t coordinate with the ideas we had, right, so we find that out on the day, hours before, so we had to change everything and that’s truly what you saw, was a 40 minute audible, and I’m proud of that. I’m proud that we, without uttering two words to each other, were able to do that. I’ll always be able to look back, and again, I thrive on challenges and I love challenges, and talk about a massive challenge. Can we do this? Can we pull that off? It’s a very, very challenging thing on top of the challenges that were already there, but again, that’s part of the gig, that’s part of your job.”

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