Big Show Says Match with Drew McIntyre Wasn’t a Heel Turn

Apr 11, 2020 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, The Big Show spoke about challenging WWE Champion Drew McIntyre after Wrestlemania, which aired on Monday’s episode of RAW. Here are highlights:

On why he challenged McIntyre: “I know a lot of people have been giving me grief, saying I’ve had more heel turns than NASCAR [laughs]. I want people to understand that me challenging Drew after WrestleMania wasn’t about a heel or face turn. I’ve been a WWE competitor for four decades, and a lot of the locker room was my responsibility—that’s what happens for the old guys. I was a fan of Drew’s 10 years ago. It didn’t work out, and that happens, but the way he’s come back and conducted himself, with all his focus, I wanted to show people the Drew McIntyre that I know. And I can testify that Drew’s Claymore Kick will knock a few fillings loose. He’s one tough son of a gun. I’m really proud of him, and he’s the champion that Raw deserves. There are a lot of interesting matches with him in the future that I’d like to see.”

On how important it is that his wrestling fans feel welcome to watch his Netflix series: “It’s very important. Our creators, Josh Bycel and Jason Berger, are both WWE fans. And our writers are great, too. They understand the product, they understand my era, my generation, and they understand me as a character. To have that synergy to take the Big Show out of an environment, one with spandex and a squared circle, and into a family setting. They’ve done a fantastic job of bridging the Big Show character you’ve seen for years into the Big Show on The Big Show Show. It’s an easy transition for our fans to come over, be entertained, and help escape.”

On if he has recovered from the injuries that kept him out of the ring: “Yes, it was five hip surgeries, so my body has been through a lot. The first one, I had surgical complications with a surgical infection, which means the metal was dirty and we tried to combat that. Finally, we had to do a full replacement, and IV-lines for antibiotics and all these things I went through. When we were shooting The Big Show Show, I had just had my full hip replacement about two-and-a-half, three months before. For me, I was going through a lot. I look a little chubby there, too. The reason being is I had been battling with the hip. Now I’m back down to 372, and my weight is really good, like it was before I went in for my surgery two years ago. Physically, I’m in a better place than I was a couple years ago. It’s weird to say I’m in better shape at 48 than I was at 42, but it’s true. And I always travel with my boots, just in case WWE creative needs me.”

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