WWE SmackDown Report – 4/10/2020

Apr 10, 2020 - by Marc Middleton

– Tonight’s post-WrestleMania edition of WWE SmackDown on FOX opens up from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by Corey Graves.

– We go right to the ring and out comes new WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman. We see how Strowman won the title from WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg during Night One of WrestleMania 36.

Strowman says he did more than answer the door when opportunity knocked,he knocked it off the damn hinges. He took Spear after Spear from Goldberg and refused to stay down. Strowman says there’s a reason Goldberg is a Legend. Strowman says he got back up and put Goldberg down for good, and now he’s the champion. Strowman calls it the greatest moment of his career. The music interrupts and out comes Shinsuke Nakamura.

Nakamura enters the ring and laughs at Strowman. Strowman says this isn’t funny and asks Nakamura what he wants. He brings up how Strowman just said you better answer when opportunity knocks on the door. Nakamura says “knock, knock” but Strowman isn’t laughing. Nakamura says Strowman was supposed to play along, he’s knocking on Strowman’s door. Nakamura goes on and Strowman says no one tuned into SmackDown to hear Nakamura, so let Braun have his night or he will “knock, knock” the crap out of Nakamura. Nakamura goes on and repeats an old Japanese proverb. Strowman says later tonight, Nakamura is going to get these hands. Cesaro tried to sneak attack but Strowman knocks him out of the ring.

Nakamura nails a kick from behind, which brings Strowman down to one knee. Nakamura joins Cesaro on the ramp as they re-group. Strowman is furious in the ring as Nakamura’s music hits and they look on.

– Still to come, The Dirt Sheet. Plus, Otis and Mandy Rose, and The Kabuki Warriors get their rematch. We go to commercial.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles Match: Asuka and Kairi Sane vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Back from the break and we get a look at how The Kabuki Warriors lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles to Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross at WrestleMania 36 Night One. We go back to the ring and out comes the new champions with their titles, for their first defense. Out next comes Asuka and Kairi Sane. We get formal ring introductions from Greg Hamilton.

Sane starts off and immediately drops Bliss. Sane unloads on Bliss. Asuka tags in for some double teaming in the corner. Asuka keep Bliss down in the corner with a boot. Asuka and Sane with another quick tag and double team. Bliss tries to fight out but they slam her by her hair. Sane poses in the corner as Asuka poses on the corner. Sane goes back to work on Bliss now as the referee warns her.

Sane with a shot to the gut and some mocking. Sane works over Bliss but Bliss covers for 2. Bliss with a big slap in the middle of the ring. Sane fires back and they trade slaps in the ring. Asuka comes in and knocks Cross off the apron. Asuka helps Sane double team Bliss in their corner again. Sane tags back in for double team kicks. Sane with a basement dropkick while Asuka held Bliss. Sane mocks Bliss and covers for 2. Asuka tags back in but Bliss dropkicks Sane back. Asuka checks on Sane on the floor. Bliss kicks Sane back on the floor with a dropkick through the ropes. Asuka with a Hip Attack to Bliss on the floor.

Asuka stands on the announce table and puts on a headset. She rants and screams at nothing. Cross meets her on the announce table and they have words. Bliss pulls Asuka off the table, face-first to the floor. Cross with a crossbody from the announce table, taking Asuka down on the floor. We go to commercial with Cross yelling out and beating her chest.

Back from the break and Asuka has Cross grounded in the ring. Cross tries to fight out. Sane tags in for the double team into the corner. Sane with a 2 count on Cross. Sane kicks Cross around and mocks her. Cross counters and rolls Sane for a 2 count. Sane drops an elbow to the back to prevent a tag. Cross kicks out at 2. Cross mocks Bliss on the apron.

Asuka tags in for more double teaming as they taunt Bliss from across the ring. Asuka runs into an elbow in the corner from Cross. Asuka unloads with knees in the corner now. Asuka charges again but Cross rolls her up for a 2 count. Cross crawls to Bliss but Asuka stops her. Cross blocks a German suplex and hits a German to Asuka. Bliss and Sane tag in at the same time. Bliss unloads with clotheslines and a dropkick after some right hands. Bliss with more offense but she misses a moonsault and Sane hits a Spear. Sane with a close 2 count.

Bliss slaps Sane in the face for a block. Cross tags in for the double team but Asuka runs in and superkicks Bliss. Sane drops Cross with a back-fist. Cross misses Sane in the corner. Asuka tags in and kicks Sane in the back. Asuka goes for a powerbomb to Cross while Sane goes to the top. They hit the tribute to Legion of Doom and Asuka goes right into the Asuka Lock on Cross. Cross turns it into a 2 count. Asuka goes back into the submission but Bliss breaks it up.

Sane yells out in frustration and goes back to the apron. Sane tags in and goes to the top for her signature elbow. Cross moves out of the way and Sane rolls through. Cross knocks Asuka off the apron. Bliss tags in and goes at it with Sane. Bliss drops Sane with the DDT but Asuka pulls Sane to the floor to break the pin. Cross leaps off the apron but Asuka catches her with a knee on the way down. Cross is laid out. Bliss goes to the top and hits Twisted Bliss to take out both challengers on the floor in front of the announcers.

Bliss brings Sane back in the ring. Bliss goes to the top but lands on her feet as Sane moves. Bliss is upset. Bliss and Sane go at it as Cross tags in. Bliss with a big right hand. Cross comes over and grabs Sane for the swinging neckbreaker. Cross covers Sane for the pin to retain.

Winners: Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss

– After the match, Bliss’ music hits as the champions celebrate in the middle of the ring. We go to replays. Bliss and Cross pose with the titles in the middle of the ring.

– Cole confirms Nakamura vs. Strowman for later tonight.

– Still to come, a look back at Otis and Mandy Rose. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Elias is on the perch in the WWE Performance Center. He thanks fans and talks about taking care of King Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 36. He asks fans to turn down the lights at home and join him for his next song, don’t worry about what the neighbors say. He starts performing the new song. Elias mentions wanting to win the Money In the Bank briefcase. Thank you and goodnight, he says.

– Cole and Graves talk about how WrestleMania 36 was the most social ever.

– Cole leads us to a video package on Mandy Rose and Otis, his WrestleMania 36 win over Dolph Ziggler, and what has happened between Rose and Sonya Deville.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tucker

We go to the ring and out comes Dolph Ziggler with Sonya Deville. They aren’t happy. They stop to yell at the announcers about the video package. They just want what is best for Mandy Rose. Tucker is out next for the next match.

Tucker takes the mic and says he’s sorry to interrupt Ziggler and Deville’s meltdown, but clearly Ziggler is still smitten with his friend’s kitten. Tucker shows us new photos on the big screen of Rose and Otis working out. Tucker says after what Ziggler did to him last week, they have unfinished business and will take care of it right now. Tucker heads to the ring as Ziggler and Deville wait. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see what Ziggler did to Tucker last week. The bell rings and Ziggler takes advantage after Deville provides a distraction. Tucker comes back and hits a big suplex for a close 2 count. Ziggler fights back and goes for a dropkick but it’s blocked. Ziggler goes to the floor for a breather and Deville cheers him on. Tucker follows and beats him around the ringside area.

Tucker sends Ziggler face-first into the announce table. Tucker breaks the count and talks trash. Tucker whips Ziggler into the steel ring steps next. Tucker breaks the count again and goes back out but Ziggler meets him with a thumb to the eye while Deville had the referee distracted. Ziggler charges for a Zig Zag on the floor but Tucker catches him and slams him on top of the announce table. Ziggler crawls on the floor as Tucker sits up and smiles. Deville is yelling words of encouragement at Ziggler. Tucker brings it back into the ring and yells at Ziggler.

Tucker catches Ziggler with a big powerslam for another close 2 count. Ziggler and Tucker with strikes in the middle of the ring. Tucker drops Ziggler with a big right hand. Tucker poses for the camera and yells at Ziggler to get up. Tucker with a big crossbody from the second rope but Ziggler somehow kicks out. Tucker yells at him to stay down and shows some frustration. Tucker catches a kick but Ziggler sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. Ziggler immediately follows up with a superkick for the pin to win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

– After the match, Ziggler stands tall as Deville applauds. Ziggler’s music hits and we go to replays. Ziggler and Deville taunt Tucker from the ramp.

– Cole and Graves show us how SmackDown Tag Team Champion John Morrison retained over Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso in the Ladder Match at WrestleMania 36. Still to come, Morrison and The Miz will host The Dirt Sheet. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and SmackDown Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz are in the ring for another must see episode of The Dirt Sheet.

They brag on the successful title defense at WrestleMania 36. Miz says he’s the first person to successfully defend the titles from his couch. They talk more about what happened at WrestleMania 36 in the various matches. They talk about their “Hey Hey” rap song going Gold today and trending worldwide. They’re going to perform the song right now. They stand up and the music hits as Miz and Morrison start performing the song.

The performance is interrupted as The Usos come out to their entrance. Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso hit the ring with mics. They were going to let Miz and Morrison finish the song out of respect, but they can’t let them do that. The two teams have words. Miz asks why they’re even here. Miz says he’s still not medically cleared to compete and can’t perform tonight. The music interrupts and out comes The New Day’s Big E and Kofi Kingston. Big E says the match didn’t go on as planned so it only makes sense to him that the other members of the three teams get to compete for the titles, the ones who didn’t get a chance at WrestleMania. Miz says he’s not medically cleared… Kofi interrupts and reveals that it will be Jey vs. Big E vs. Miz for the titles next Friday night on SmackDown. The New Day starts dancing as their music hits. All three teams have words.

– Still to come, Nakamura vs. Strowman.

– We get a quick promo for The Forgotten Sons – Wesley Blake, Steve Cutler and Jaxson Ryker. Graves says they are now on SmackDown after dominating on WWE NXT. Back to commercial.

The Forgotten Sons vs. Lucha House Party

Back from the break and out comes The Lucha House Party – Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik. The Forgotten Sons are out next, making their call-ups from NXT. They are Steve Cutler, Wesley Blake and Jaxson Ryker.

The bell rings and Cutler dominates Lince to start. Blake tags in and keeps control as Ryker watches from ringside. Lince finally turns it around with a moonsault. Metalik tags in for some double teaming and a 2 count. Lince with another quick tag as they keep Blake down on the mat.

Cutler tags in and they double team Lince in the corner. Cutler drops Lince’s back over his knee. Cutler with more beating Lince down as Ryker stares at him from the floor. Cutler with some trash talking. Cutler tags in Blake for the big double team and a quick 2 count on Lince. Blake with a knee into Lince to keep him grounded on the mat. More back and forth between the two teams. Lince and Metalik mount some offense. Metalik takes down both opponents from the top. Metalik with more offense on both opponents.

Metalik with a dropkick to Blake for a 2 count as Cutler makes the save. Lince works on Cutler now. Cutler sends him to the floor. Metalik ends up nailing an enziguri on Blake. Blake and Metalik tangle. Blake with a huge clothesline. Cutler tags in for a big double team with Cutler. Cutler covers Metalik for the pin to win their blue brand debut.

Winners: The Forgotten Sons

– After the match, Ryker joins Cutler and Blake in the ring and they pose together as the music hits. We go to replays. The Forgotten Sons yell out about being the future.

– Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are backstage celebrating. Cross feels unbeatable. Carmella and Dana Brooke appear. Carmella says they didn’t get to compete at WrestleMania 36, so they’re hoping to make up for it by challenging Bliss and Cross for the titles. Bliss feels bad they didn’t get a WrestleMania moment, but there’s a line to challenge them. Dana asks if they’re really unbeatable like she heard them say. Cross and Bliss discuss the match in private. They go back over and accept the challenge. Both teams celebrate and the champions walk off.

– We go back to the ring and out comes Sasha Banks first. She waits on the stage and out next comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. They head to the ring together and pose as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Bayley has the mic. She recalls Paige trying to ruin her WrestleMania and their friendship a few weeks ago. But she didn’t, they both say. Bayley says if anyone thinks they can touch her, they can’t because she’s beaten everyone. In her humble opinion she thinks her greatest moment yet was when she defied all odds at WrestleMania. Bayley says she is the best. We’re the best, she corrects. She says they’re the ultimate role models. For the sheep at home who thought she’d lose her title and they’d break up as friends, they have two words. Banks finishes it – screw you. She says no one understands their friendship and no one from the past or future can touch… the music interrupts and out comes Tamina Snuka.

Cole mentions how it took the other 4 competitors to eliminate Snuka at WrestleMania in the Fatal 5 Way. Bayley sucks up to Snuka. She tells her to shut up and says no one ever beat her at WrestleMania, it took them all to eliminate her. Snuka tells Bayley to be a good role model and face her for the title tonight. Banks also runs her mouth to Snuka. Bayley acts like she’s holding Banks back. There’s a pecking order around here and you don’t just step to the champ. Bayley says she does like to be fair and Snuka can have the title match… if she can beat The Standard, The Boss, The Blueprint, The GOAT – her best friend, Sasha. Snuka accepts the challenge. Banks looks a little conflicted. Snuka tells Banks her bestie just screwed her. Snuka exits the ring as Banks and Bayley talk it over.

– Still to come, Strowman and Nakamura do battle. Also, a special in-depth look at Jeff Hardy. Back to commercial.

Sheamus vs. Cal Bloom

Back from the break and out comes Sheamus for the next match. NXT Superstar Cal Bloom waits in the ring.

The bell rings and Sheamus unloads to start. Bloom fights back but Sheamus drops him with an elbow. Sheamus stomps away while Bloom is down as the referee warns him. Sheamus with the big forearms to the chest on the apron.

Sheamus backs up to the corner and yells out. Bloom gets up but Sheamus puts him right back down with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus covers for the pin and the easy win.

Winner: Sheamus

– After the match, The Celtic Warrior stands tall and yells out as his music hits. We go to replays. Sheamus poses and talks trash to the camera as he makes his exit.

– Sheamus stops to stare down Graves and Cole as they talk about Jeff Hardy. Cole and Graves send us to part 1 of a new in-depth series on Hardy that will air over the next few weeks. This part is “Chapter 1: The Rise” and it looks back at the beginning of Hardy’s career and tapes from when he was a teenager.We also see other parts from The Hardy Boyz’ runs in WWE.

– Still to come, Nakamura and Strowman. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and two Money In the Bank qualifiers are announced for next week – Dana Brooke vs. Naomi and Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan. Also, Mandy Rose will try to clear the air with Mandy Rose. The previously mentioned Sasha Banks vs. Tamina Snuka and Triple Threat will also take place.

Braun Strowman vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

We go to the ring for tonight’s non-title main event and out first comes WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman. Shinsuke Nakamura is out next with Cesaro.

The bell rings and Cesaro provides an early distraction. Nakamura strikes first. Strowman ends up kicking Nakamura back with a big boot. Strowman blocks and delivers a big headbutt. Strowman talks trash while beating Nakamura down. Strowman knocks Nakamura to the floor in front of Cesaro.

Strowman follows and backs up Cesaro. Nakamura tries to attack from behind but Strowman rocks him and rolls him in. Strowman wastes some more time on Cesaro. Nakamura knees Strowman as he tries to re-enter, sending him back to the floor. Nakamura charges but Strowman sends him into the barrier. Nakamura goes down and is in pain. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Strowman continues to dominate. Strowman with a running splash in the corner. Nakamura slides out of the running powerslam and drops Strowman with a big kick. Cesaro interferes from the apron and Nakamura levels Strowman with a big shot in the middle of the ring. Strowman still kicks out at 2.

Nakamura grounds Strowman and works him over. Strowman powers out with a side slam. Nakamura gasps for air. Strowman with a splash in the corner. Strowman knocks Cesaro off the apron. Strowman stops a Nakamura sneak attack. Strowman clotheslines Nakamura and turns him inside out. Strowman stares at Nakamura as he rolls to the floor for a breather.

Strowman goes to the floor and runs right over Nakamura. Strowman rolls Nakamura in the ring, then runs over Cesaro at ringside, sending him over the barrier. Strowman returns to the ring but Nakamura drops him with a Kinshasa for a 2 count as it barely connects. Nakamura looks to capitalize but Strowman catches him with a running powerslam for the pin to win.

Winner: Braun Strowman

– After the match, Strowman stands tall and raises the title as his music hits. We go to replays. Strowman yells out and clutches his title.

– The Firefly Fun House intro interrupts as Bray Wyatt appears on the screen. He shows us flashes of The Fiend finishing John Cena off in the Firefly Fun House Match at WrestleMania 36. Wyatt says Cena was right all along – we really can’t see him. Strowman watches in the ring as Wyatt congratulates him and says he’s so happy for Braun. We hear whispers coming from Wyatt’s head lantern. Wyatt says no, that was a long time ago and he’s sure Strowman has learned his lesson by now. We see flashes of Strowman in The Wyatt Family. Wyatt says he brought Braun in from the swamp and gave him hope but he turned his back on Wyatt, turned his back on his family, and his creator. Wyatt says he can forgive Strowman but his puppets disagree. Except for Ramblin’ Rabbit.

Wyatt says he will forgive Braun if Braun just says he’s sorry. Braun says he’s not playing these games with Bray. Wyatt taunts Strowman and says his next lesson will be about sharing because Braun has something he wants back. It’s right there on his shoulder. As one circle closes, another begins again, Wyatt says. Since I brought you into this world, I’m going to have to take you out, Wyatt says. Wyatt laughs and waves goodbye as the Fun House music starts back up. Strowman says wait, he has something to say. Anytime Bray wants, Strowman is ready to… let you in. Wyatt stares back at him and he’s all serious now. Strowman mocks Wyatt and says goodbye, see you later! Strowman’s music starts up and Wyatt stares back at him from the Fun House as SmackDown goes off the air.

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