Lana Wants A Shot at Becky Lynch’s Strap

Apr 9, 2020 - by James Walsh

In an interview with, Lana said that Becky Lynch should be grateful that she gave up her Royal Rumble spot in 2019 and that Lynch owes her a title match. Here are highlights: 

On Becky Lynch: “That would be my dream match going after Becky for the Raw Women’s Championship and winning. Becky owes me a thank you from the Royal Rumble 2019 when I selflessly gave up my spot for her to be in the Royal Rumble. She main-evented WrestleMania and won, which means I gave everyone The Man. I still haven’t gotten a thank you from her so I think I should be given a title match.” 

On dropping the Russian accent: “I’m still Ravishing Russian, just that I now speak perfect flawless English. I think it’s very important for people to understand the need to evolve as a person. I debuted on WWE television back in NXT 2013 and a year later on Smackdown and Raw. I as a person have changed and grown and become better, smarter and stronger in the last six years and so has my character. It’s important because without evolving, we won’t be able to tell real-life, compelling stories.” 

On evolving: “In the very beginning when I started, Vince McMahon told me the importance of evolving. CJ Perry has many different elements of her and I knew I could put all those into portraying the Ravishing Russian Lana. So I’ve been very excited to grow over the years. My outfit, promos – all those extensions of me. I grew up in Russia and studied there under disciplined teachers. So that’s what I brought to the character during my initial run.”

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