Pregnant Bella Twins on Their Quarantine Life And Why Nikki Is Holding Off on Wedding Planning

Apr 8, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


The Bella twins, both pregnant, are staying home together.

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh FaceTimed with Nikki and Brie, who are quarantining in Phoenix, Arizona. Brie said, “We’re together because we’re next-door neighbors.” Nikki pointed out, “I mean, like zero property line. There’s no space between our walls.”

“We’ve actually have been really lucky,” Brie added. “It makes us feel like we are going out we do dinner at her house, we do dinner at my house, different scenery.”

Luckily, they are not alone, Nikki said, “We get to have each other, which is so nice.”

Both ladies are feeling good at this point in their pregnancy. Brie commented, “We’re definitely helping each other stay calm and positive during this stressful situation. But physically we’re both actually feeling great.” Nikki revealed, “We both had a rough first trimester… It’s been nice going through it with someone.”

As for what she’s craving, Bella shared, “I feel like my baby is gonna be a baker… Artem [Chigvintsev] is such a good chef and if I’m craving cinnamon rolls, Artem will find a way to make them from scratch.

Brie noted, “Our symptoms to our cravings are identical.” Their due dates are even close together, with Brie’s on July 27 and Nikki’s on August 6.

When asked if she is taking the time in quarantine to plan her wedding to Artem, Nikki dished, “When I found out I was pregnant, I felt bad, but the first thing I told Artem was… I’ can’t get married or plan this until the baby comes…’ But definitely now with everything going on in the world, I will definitely wait.”

The fifth season of their reality show “Total Bellas” is airing now, featuring a father/daughter reunion.

Brie teased, “Everyone is gonna be introduced to our dad… And the reasons why we had a very distant relationship.” Nikki elaborated, “And so it’s hard to relive your past with people you love and care about. And that volcano starts to erupt.”

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