Kelly Kelly Wants to Wrestle Charlotte Flair

Apr 7, 2020 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Kelly Kelly spoke about wanting a match with Charlotte Flair at some point and said that her match with Beth Phoenix at Summerslam 2011 is her favorite. Here are highlights: 

On who she’d want to face in a final match: “I get this question at like Comic-Cons all the time and…Charlotte. Just think Charlotte Flair is just…she has it. She in every way possible and I…when I came back for the Rumble and we had our little spot together…it was thirty seconds but the crowd, when I smacked her and the reaction to when we locked eyes? Even when we she came back she was like…the people like..they wanted it. It was great. That would be a dream. That would be a dream match for sure. We’ll see.” 

On the worst bump she ever took: “Well, besides getting hit with a Singapore cane by Sandman, doing, me and Beth Phoenix, it was one of the PPVs that we did, we were on the top rope and we both, which girls don’t do this anymore. I forgot the name, I’m having a brain fart…it’s where you’re both on the top rope…suplex! We did a suplex [superplex] off the top and that was an insane bump. And we didn’t practice, I mean we practiced with a mat maybe one time. And she was like, ‘this is a bump where you just gotta take it.’ It’s when women weren’t doing matches like that. They weren’t at the point that we’re at today. So they were very worried and nervous for us. And I remember taking it and landing and wanting to cry so bad because it hurt so bad. So that was probably the worst one but it was my favorite to watch because it’s such a sick bump. So it was really cool to do.” 

On fighting Beth Phoenix at Summerslam 2011: “My favorite match. Definitely Summerslam against Beth Phoenix for the Divas championship. I had my mom there, I had family, it was at the Staples Center which was so cool. It was sold out. Just that match, the people were so into it. It was one of my best matches for sure. And I told her too, just beat the crap out of me. And that’s how I was for every match, I just wanted people to feel bad. Like, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s no way she’s going to pull this out and win!’ 

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