Drew McIntyre on Wrestlemania: “I enjoyed the show”

Apr 7, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with ESPN, Drew McIntyre revealed after wrapping up production, he took the WWE title and brought it home. He locked it up in a room until the match aired

“Things are not official until they happen,” McIntyre said. “So just like everybody else, I sat on the couch and watched both days of WrestleMania. I enjoyed the show. It took my mind off of things.

“Watching myself was very crazy, being on the couch — watching it just like everyone else, wondering what was going to happen. I kind of pushed out of my head what had happened.”

“I was reacting to it like I was in the match. My wife had to move away from me, because I was darting from side to side with every F-5, with every Claymore,” said McIntyre. Then came his chance to celebrate.

“Finally, when I had won the title, I saw the emotion and remembered how real it was to me. In that moment, it was real again as I was watching it. I went upstairs, I opened the door and I took the title out, now that it was official. I had another moment with my wife in the house, and with my family on Zoom. I had my whole family on there.”

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