Damien Sandow on a possible WWE return: “I don’t know if I would fit into what they are doing”

Apr 7, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


Aron Stevens on if he would return to WWE: “For the schedule that we had and everything, right now, no, and I would want to talk creative handlings, shall we say. But you never say never. There is certainly no ill will and again I don’t take anything personally there. But again, I don’t know if I would fit into what they are doing, and I don’t know if they would really fit into what I’m trying to do either, so no, again, I am grateful for my time there and you never rule out any possible future, but there is no overwhelming desire. It’s like, they are going to be fine and so am I.”

Stevens on if he would have liked to keep the Damien Sandow name: “No. The person makes the name. I kind of dig being the guy that can play different characters. I’m not even attached to a name.”

(thanks to CHRIS SIGGIA)

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