CM Punk Says Wrestling Is Impossible To Watch With No Crowd

Apr 7, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Apparently former WWE Champion CM Punk isn’t very fond of wrestling with no audience as he called it impossible to watch during an appearance on The No-Sports Report.

“I would be able to watch hockey or UFC or Bellator, any kind of mixed martial arts fight when there’s no people in the crowd because it’s a sport. With pro wrestling, I find it completely impossible to watch with no crowd. The audience is the 100% – and this is more evident than ever now – driving force behind what wrestlers do in the ring. When I wrestled, that was my boss.”

Punk went on to say that without the emotion of the crowd he feels like he’s watching a video game.

“Without all of that, I don’t know what we’re doing. It lends credence, in my opinion, to everyone who argues that wrestling is just a stage fight, it’s a stimulation, its predetermined acrobatics. Without the audience, without the emotion and the adrenaline, that’s what I feel like I’m watching, I feel like I’m watching a video game.”

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