Edge says he hopes fans “get lost in what we love to do” as they perform for them this weekend

Apr 5, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

In a post on Twitter, the recently-returned Edge hoped that this two-night WrestleMania would help “get people lost” in what they love to do and get their minds off the sucky situation that the world finds itself in at the moment.

“Whether you agree or disagree. The could haves or should haves, we’re here. It’s done,” Edge said of the mixed reaction of having WrestleMania in front of no crowd at the tiny Performance Center. “Speaking as a performer who didn’t have this for 9 years I realize what a privilege it is to do this for a living and WrestleMania is the pinnacle of that.”

Edge said that it wasn’t the same without a crowd as the crowd helps making the show and everyone missed them but he went with the mindset of thinking that people would enjoy his performance. “And, maybe, wishful thinking, just for a few hours this weekend, you get lost in what we love to do. Perform for you. To forget and just try to have fun. Cheer. Boo. Laugh. Cry,” he said.

The Rated-R Superstar also thanked the whole crew and everyone behind the scenes who helped “bring this beast to life” in the the safest and most responsible way.

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