Tommy Dreamer Says Zack Ryder is a Fool for Spending $40,000 on Action Figures

Apr 4, 2020 - by James Walsh

During a House of Hardcore Twitch stream, former WWE star Tommy Dreamer criticized Zack Ryder for allegedly spending $40,000 on action figures. As previously reported, there is concern that the Coronavirus pandemic will lead to WWE making budget cuts and releasing lower-card talents. During the stream, Dreamer was talking about replica titles when he brought up Ryder:

“That’s the only ever title with the New York plate and I have the other WWE ECW title around here somewhere. And I’ve offered to sell that New York title to Zack Ryder for now $40,000 since he bought a bunch of action figures for $40,000 ’cause he’s an idiot. And when this all gets settled, I will guarantee you, WWE will probably start doing massive layoffs because it’s gonna be a lot of recoup time.

And I will say, ‘Bet you had that 40Gs back and not in action figures there, buddy.’ That’s nuts. And if you listen to his podcast, he finally revealed how much he paid for a Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine ‘Rhythm and Blues’ action figure where he bid… how much did he say? 12,000 or 14,500. And he lost by a hundred dollars, ’cause it was supposedly the only one in the world and now there’s three, and he has the second one.”

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