More on Reigns, The Miz, and more missing WrestleMania

Apr 3, 2020 - by James Walsh

The WON has a few new details on what went down with the various stars who are not working WrestleMania this year due to illness, injury or otherwise. As was previously reported, Roman Reigns will not be working the show along with The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Murphy, and Dana Brooke. 

According to the site, Reigns showed up to do his contract signing segment with Goldberg and it was learned that The Miz was sick. At that point, The Usos and Reigns discussed the matter and it isn’t known whether they tried to convince him to pull out of the show or whether he did it entirely himself. Either way, he went to WWE officials and said he wasn’t comfortable performing due to his lymphoma having compromised his immune system and WWE obliged. 

Miz was not allowed to perform when WWE determined he was sick as he arrived at the building. The nature of his illness isn’t known. Mysterio didn’t show up as he was already feeling ill and WWE told anyone who was sick not to go. Brooke showed up to work over a week ago and it was determined she was ill, so she was told to go home and self-quarantine. 

On a related note, some have noticed that Brock Lesnar hasn’t been removed despite his diverticulitis. The site notes that according to doctors, diverticulitis isn’t a risk factor for COVID-19 more than anything else.

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