More on Brodie Lee Claiming Triple H Hinted at a WWE/NJPW Working Relationship

Apr 3, 2020 - by James Walsh

Brodie Lee raised eyebrows when he said on Talk is Jericho that Triple H said they might be able to get him in NJPW if he stayed with WWE, and new details are available. During the interview, Lee said that Triple H called him and asked what he wanted in the business, and tried to get him to re-sign. When Lee said he wanted to work for New Japan, Lee said Triple H said they might be able to arrange it. 

According to the WON, Triple H called Lee the week after he first asked for his release and while he never specifically said he could help Lee get into NJPW, he did say that he might be able to let it happen. Nothing ultimately came of it and, of course, Lee ended up leaving WWE and signing with AEW. Dave Meltzer notes that there have been no business discussions between NJPW and WWE and nothing suggesting that talent sharing may be on the way.

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