“I’m a hall of famer in the minds of the people who want me to be in the Hall of Fame”

Apr 3, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

In an interview published by the Tampa Bay Times, former AEW champion Chris Jericho discussed his relationship with former boss Vince McMahon, if he thinks a Hall of Fame induction would be on the way in the near future, joining All Elite Wrestling, the creative freedom he enjoys, Fozzy, and much more.

It’s an in-depth look at Jericho’s current life in AEW and how the multiple-time wrestling champ has managed to reinvent himself over the past several years to stay current in an industry where sometimes even top stars find it hard to stay at the top of the mountain.

Jericho said that he’s had good talks with Vince McMahon ever since he left and the Chairman and CEO even offered to counter his deal with AEW but Jericho said that he’s keeping some doors “shut” as long as he works for the Khan family and All Elite Wrestling. Asked if he sees himself being asked to enter the WWE Hall of Fame, he said he thinks he’s already Hall of Fame material and if he doesn’t get inducted, he’s okay with that.

“If I continue to work for the Khan family for the rest of my life, I’ll never go into the WWE Hall of Fame,” he said. “Does that bother me? No. I mean, the Sex Pistols didn’t show up for theirs. I always kind of liked that. I’m a hall of famer in the minds of the people who want me to be in the Hall of Fame,” he adds. “I’m a hall of famer in my mind. That’s all that matters.”

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