Austin addresses The Undertaker/Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania rumor

Apr 3, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck



20:00 Austin wearing a t-shirt to the ring at WrestleMania. “At that time, I was going to raise sloppy bass messy divorce in my mind was frazzled. All I can do to pack my bags and head over to Philly and work against a great one, the Rock, I forgot to put in my trusty black vest with silver writing on it. All tell you what. When I opened my suitcase in the building that night, and realized that I forgot to pack my vest, I was mad as a hornet. Here you are, the biggest stage of all, a high-profile match, Rock as your opponent, and I have to go out there in a rinky dink ass T-shirt. Now don’t get me wrong. The shirt I wore there was cool, but you never ever want to walk out in chump change gear instead of your trademark stuff that people expect you to be in. I kicked myself in the ass over and over and over again about that particular night.”

24:00 Austin on the rumor of Undertaker having his hands taped up in case Shaw Michaels did not do what he was supposed to against Austin at WrestleMania: “I’ve always heard a rumor and I’ve heard Shawn talk about it. I can’t speak to how valid or true this rumor was. I think it was for the most part probably was a shoot… There was a time when the Undertaker was not very enamored with Shawn Michaels, the person or the wrestler. Speaking for myself, we both, Undertaker and myself, always respected Shawn’s ability of his work, the talent in the things he can do in the writing was pretty much unparalleled, he was that the damn good. But as a person, I didn’t like him. I did not like him at all. But now, all these years later, like I said, it was great to interview him and talk to him about his book and the changes he made in his life, and I made changes in my life. You would have to ask Undertaker if that rumor is true, but that was the word on the street.”

47:00 Austin on his blood from a stone T-shirt: “I came up with that shirt when I was talking to Jimmy Meranda, who was the merchandise guy who worked his ass off to sell our merchandise. Everybody loved Jimmy. We were talking about the WRESTLEMANIA 13 match and that iconic picture of the image of me in the sharpshooter bleeding like a stuffed pig from my head, blood coming from my forehead, from my mustache and my goatee ,my teeth, dripping down and he goes you know Steve sometimes dealing with these guys in WWF is like getting blood from the stone. I said Jimmy, that’s a shirt. I say you take that picture, put blood from a stone on it and you put Austin 3:16 on the front of it and have it bleeding down like paint.”

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