Jim Ross on Vince: “We still communicate”

Apr 2, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


39:00 Ross on beginning of scripted promos: “It seemed like when Russo and Ferrara left, that’ when the proliferation of the influx of writers came to be. They all got assigned different tasks. This one is going to work Raw, this one is going to work Smackdown. So, know what you are going to do. You’re not going to be the booker, even though they try to be booking, they try to come up with booking ideas, so you got to take the existing booking that has been created and then make promos for it and help these guys the best you can, so that’s how that came about. It was just crazy stuff and it made everybody feel like we are a big entertainment company and it leaves the wrestling aspect of it farther and farther behind. I thought that was a mistake because you can’t leave your core product.”

57:00 Ross on his relationship with Vince McMahon: “Look, he made me a good living and a good quality of life…We still communicate…the fact that I overmedicated and self-medicated and there was a time there when Ambien wasn’t enough, I took Ambien for 10 years as a temporary thing for insomnia. When Ambien wasn’t enough, I added a Xanax and when that didn’t work for me, I chased it with Crown Royal. So, you do that for a few years, you straighten your ass up, you get to work, you come back home and you detox. The stress and the pressure, and I’ve had every neurologist I’ve ever seen, say the reason I had 3 bouts of Bells Palsy is the way you process stress. That is just my DNA. I don’t blame anybody for it. I’m not blaming my mom and dad, it’s my DNA. Then I got wise to that situation and no more, I don’t do anymore opiates whatsoever, and thank God for that but that was a lot of Jan’s doing.”

(thanks to Chris Siggia)

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