Cornette on Matt Hardy teleporting and the Kevin Sullivan conspiracy theory

Apr 2, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


17:30 Cornette on Matt Hardy teleporting: “They are now saying the drone was projecting the picture of Matt Hardy in various places…The major glaring loophole is when was he finally at ringside. How did he appear there when Jericho was looking in that direction? They got so much sh-t for that because it was so f–king stupid that they are trying to come up with a rational explanation that can happen in the real world, but couldn’t because they didn’t think of the explanation until after they f–ked up. Apparently, from what we are being lead to believe by news reports, that was the second take…They taped it first the previous day and apparently Jericho despised it, loathed it, so they had to do it again during the next show because there is no roof on that building, I’ve come to find out. It is an outdoor amphitheater type building. I didn’t realize that. They shoot it well; you can’t see it’s there is no roof. So, they couldn’t do it during the day because it would be daylight. They had to wait until during the show. They put on a pretaped match and then did that again and hustled it up which may explain the lackadaisical editing on that freeze frame.”

23:00 Cornette on the Kevin Sullivan conspiracy theory on not appearing on Dark Side of the Ring: “They asked Kevin to be a part of the program, and I won’t reveal now why he wasn’t, but it was either miscommunication of lack of communication…because he did not know what this was going to be like or know how big this thing was going to become and he didn’t want to upset Nancy’s parents…Now that Evan and Jason (producers of the show) are feeling bad that his story was not in there, and both you and I talked, we thought he undesirably came off bad because he wasn’t there to talk, and just one line saying, Kevin Sullivan declined to be interviewed for this show made it sound like he had something to hide or was trying to protect himself, when in actuality it was the other way around. He was trying to protect other people, so we made arrangements that on the Experience (Jim Cornette Experience) a week from this coming Friday, not this Friday April 3rd, but Friday April 10th…Kevin Sullivan will appear on an open ended interview, to, for the first time ever, on a mainstream platform, to tell his side of the story, not his side, but his story, his and Nancy’s story, the story of his relationship with her and the story of how he’s had to deal with everything since then.


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