Chris Jericho Hated First Take of Segment with Matt Hardy 

Mar 29, 2020 - by James Walsh

The version of the Chris Jericho/Matt Hardy confrontation we saw on AEW Dynamite this week was reportedly the second taping of the segment after the first one didn’t go over well. Dave Meltzer reported on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that the first go at the confrontation between the two had issues, forcing the company to do some hectic reworking of their plans in order to retape it. 

Meltzer reported that the Jericho and Hardy segment was taped on Tuesday, and Jericho “absolutely hated it.” AEW planned to retape the segment on Wednesday but due to the outdoor venue, it would have been obvious that parts of the segment were shot in daylight as opposed to the other segments taking place at night. 

Because the segment couldn’t air live due to how it played out, AEW filmed it during the airing of the Kip Sabian vs. Darby Allin match which was taped. The segment was rushed through editing and completed about 15 minutes before it ended up airing on TV. The second taping of the segment went over better with everyone involved. 

Jericho noted during his Facebook Q&A last night (per Wrestling Inc) that the segment did indeed need to be reshot, saying, “I didn’t really like the way that it turned out, it wasn’t my vision, really. So, we said, ‘Let’s do it again Wednesday,’ and we’ll do it right before the show starts.’ Keep in mind, there’s nobody coming into the venue. We thought we’d film this at 8, but the problem was the sun hadn’t gone down yet, so it was still fairly light inside the venue.”

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