Independent Wrestler Offers More Details Leading To Teddy Hart’s Arrest

Mar 28, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Independent wrestler Ace Montana, and fellow indie wrestler John “Pork Chop” Johnson added more details to what led up to the arrest on Facebook.

He wrote: “This will probably be the longest post you’ll see from me so bear with me. As stated by Ace Montana during his interview with HANNIBAL Tv on YouTube, I can now confirm that Teddy Hart was in fact living with me upon his released from his first arrest last month. For those wondering why now I chose to speak out about Teddy Hart, at the time I wished to not only offer up my home to Teddy Hart during his time of need prior to his trial but also offer him moral support and to give him some encouragement during this stressful time for him.

On a low profile basis. I also acknowledge that with this information now being public knowledge that lots of rumor and hearsay will likely generated from this, most of which will be untrue, so allow me the opportunity to dispel all the myths and tales that may come out of this give everyone a first hand account of my personal and brief dealings with Teddy Hart.

Last month Teddy was arrested the first time for drug charges and would be released a few weeks later provided that he establish residence at a legit location and be placed on house arrest for the duration of his trial in April. Maria Manic, whom She and I go way back when we both broke in the wrestling business together 5 years ago,contacted me and asked if i had some available space In my apartment for Teddy since he was likely gonna be stuck in Virginia for the duration of his trial. I told her yes i would take him in mainly as a favor for her.

About a week later I picked up Teddy from the jail facility to give him a place to stay while he prepares for his trial in April 2020. He seem really appreciative and thankful that a complete stranger would open up His home to him during his time of need, and despite some reservations on my part fully aware of his reputation, I believe everyone deserves a second chance at life and to treat others as they treat you. At first the relationship between Teddy and I started out really good where he would share funny stories with me and we would even watch some of his wrestling matches so that I could pick his brain and apply it to my own wrestling career.

Slowly but surely some of his antics would irk me from time to time but I would overlook it chalk it up to maybe the trauma of him being incarcerated was starting to get to him. As every one knows I’m a big fan of Nintendo and have a huge aray of Nintendo paraphernalia. One day when I came home from work i noticed that my living [room] was decorated with my Nintendo stuff as well as some my merchandising ads that i install in stores.

Although I was kind of irked that he gotten most of my stuff from my bedroom without my prior approval, I have to admit that the way he had everything setup was very creative and looked pretty damn cool and I wish I had pictures of it to share with you all but more on that later. So I let it slide.

Then the next day after I returned home from work he put up more decorations in the kitchen and living room. While I thought it looked cool I had to let him know that going in my room without my permission is a big no no with me and going forward my room is off limits to him unless I’m present and he assured me that he understood the directive.

The next day he put up even more decorations where although they were very elaborate, now there are obstructing to my refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets to where I could even open the doors without something falling off And to make matters worse, he even used my brand new ads for my merchandising job that I was supposed to install that week( the ones he installed previously were my old extra ads)but due to his desire to show off his artistic skills my new ads were rendered unless and I had to contact my supervisor to reorder my ads and ship it to my apartment overnight so I can install them in time.

And if that’s not bad enough, certain items such as my charger, silverware, my diabetes kit, etc was all out of place and not in its proper habitat as you can see in the pictures I provided.

Finally I said enough is enough. While the 1st decorations was cool, now you’ve gone overboard to the point that I’m essentially wasting valuable time looking for certain items and whatnot. Not only did i forbid anymore displays to be built, but I also commanded Teddy to take down all displays and return everything to its proper location. I gave him an entire weekend to complete this task and if the apartment wasn’t spic and span by the time I returned from my engagement that weekend on Monday morning that I would be contacting his parole officer to have him dispelled from my apartment. Throughout the weekend i would periodically call him to see how he was progressing and he would say it was going good or so he said. So i asked him to send me some pictures of his progress but he told me that he ran out of space on his phone and couldn’t send me pictures which I knew he was telling a tale.

So I actually returned home later that Monday afternoon than anticipated without telling him to test him if he would use that extra time to complete his tasks or waste more time and come up with excuses. So I returned home around 2 pm that Monday and to the surprising of no one, not only has he not completed his task but it looked like he didn’t do a damned thing. Naturally my patience was wearing thin with Teddy and was about to kick his trifling ass out the apartment but then i gave it little more thought. I then gave him until Midnight that night to complete what he was originally supposed to fulfill that morning. “Gee, John. Why are you giving him more time?”

Believe it or not there was a method to my madness. If I were to boot him out in broad daylight, that really wouldn’t send out a big message. However if he failed to meet his deadline by midnight, id send a bigger message out by kicking him out in the middle of the night leaving his with fewer options to seek shelter elsewhere. So I get back home that night and lo and behold not only did he once again fail to meet his deadline but Maria even showed up because she pretty much knew that Teddy’s word wasn’t worth a damn and was there to offer assistance to me if Teddy refused to comply with my commands to vacate the premises immediately. Teddy was practically on his hands and knees begging me for a second chance.

I ain’t not doctor but I know when I’m losing my patience and I simply was not having it. Finally after 10 minutes of useless groveling and pity party foolishness, Maria piped up and basically blessed out Teddy to pack up his stuff and leave. So they leave and she managed to get him into a motel until she could arrange for another living situation for him. So while i wasn’t too pleased about being left a mess to clean up in my apartment, at least I got rid of the chaos and disorder that is Teddy Hart.

So As I was getting ready for my workday the next morning in a scene eerily reminiscent to Ace Montana’s story, I got a call from Maria but before she could get two words out the phone call was abruptly cut off. I immediately sensed something was wrong and dashed over to the motel they were staying at. It was then that I discovered that Maria had caught Teddy stealing money from her red handed yet he swears up and down that he didn’t steal from her. He had also snatched her cell phone from her which explained the abrupt phone call she had attempted to make to me.

Despite pleas from me and Maria for Teddy to return her property not only did he continue to deny it (no different than when Ace Montana confronted Teddy for assaulting Maria, notice the pattern in his behavior when he’s confronted with an allegation) he actually dashed out of the motel room and tried to make a run for it. I immediately called 911 to report a robbery and literally less than a minute later the police came right on time and apprehended teddy. While he wasn’t placed in jail that day, he would eventually be back in jail a second time due to a house arrest violation, which I’m assuming is due to the fact when he was expelled from my apartment he had to establish another living quarters within a certain period of time to be in compliance with the house arrest code but don’t quote me on it.

Despite all the turmoil and stress I had to endure with Teddy’s antisocial worrisome antics I can honestly say I don’t hate nor even dislike the guy. However the fact remains that he’s a compulsive liar, a manipulator, a thief and worst of all, a woman beater. Now I see firsthand why he’s had the reputation that he had over the years. While he’s charming as hell, sooner or later he’s gonna burn you really bad and when you confront him with it rather than confess with his tongue that he made an error and make a valiant attempt to correct his error, he’s rather make excuses and make up tales to excuse and justify his behavior just to cover his own ass.

I also would like to state that due to my desire to distance myself from Teddy until he gets the help he needs, my catch phrase/slogan “Get Ready Teddy” will be discontinued, as well as my wearing of myneeded green customer satin jacket with said slogan. I would also like to take this opportunity to state that despite things ultimately not working out between myself and Teddy, that I do not, and I repeat do not hold Maria Manic any way responsible and accountable for Teddy’s actions during his stay at my residence. She has been nothing short Of supportive of me anytime i her assistance in keeping Teddy in line.

I felt it was important to share my story of my experience with Teddy Hart so that every one can see that what transpired from Teddy on March 26 wasn’t just a one time only spur of the moment type of deal but rather behavior that had been brewing for a long time and is a manifestation of his untreated mental disorder. While plenty of people have vilified Teddy for his heinous actions and rightfully so, as Ace Montana alluded to towards the end of his interview, let’s take that same energy and campaign for Teddy to get the proper treatment for his mental disorder so this type of behavior comes to a cease.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my post and I hope this can at least plant the seed for Teddy to turn his life around.”

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