Vince McMahon Limits CM Punk’s Involvement on WWE Backstage

Mar 27, 2020 - by James Walsh

CM Punk’s sporadic amount of appearances on WWE Backstage is reportedly due to WWE, with Vince McMahon not wanting to do business with him at all. As previously reported, WWE is “very negative” on the idea of bringing back Punk despite his WWE Backstage role. According to the WON, Vince McMahon has named Punk and El Patron as people that he’s just not willing to go into business with. 

The site notes that WWE allowed the idea of Punk being brought onto WWE Backstage as a concession to avoid making waves in their new relationship with FOX, as it was something that FOX wanted. However, it was limited to one show per month. It was added that no one at the top level, including Paul Heyman, have pushed for Punk to be brought back and that while Punk’s agent tried to open a line of communication with WWE, that was denied. 

Those who argued that a one-time appearance for Punk at WrestleMania would help business were said to be told that Punk “devalued” himself by making his comeback on WWE Backstage, where the ratings did not pop for him. As noted, there’s no interest in bringing him back right now.

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