More on Why Vince McMahon Was Defiant to Present WrestleMania

Mar 27, 2020 - by James Walsh

PWInsider noted in an audio update that in spite of the Coronavirus, WWE went ahead with Wrestlemania by taping it at the Performance Center due to one person: Vince McMahon. It was noted that of the people spoken to, including wrestlers and staff, McMahon was the only person who thought WWE should move forward with Wrestlemania, who wanted Wrestlemania to happen in early April and who wanted WWE to move forward with the plan to tape it.

PWInsider also noted that McMahon oversaw all of the WWE TV tapings at the Performance Center including most, if not all, of the Wrestlemania tapings. While it seemed like McMahon might stay at home due to his age putting him at a higher risk for the virus, he was backstage as he normally is. Wrestlemania will air on the WWE Network on April 4-5.

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