Arn Anderson on he believes delivered the worst WWE Hall of Fame speech

Mar 27, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

by Chris Siggia


13:00-18:00 Lesner and Vince McMahon got into a shouting match in February of that year regarding Lesner’s contract. Lesner showed up at UFC 184. Arn said Lesner is the smartest man because he knows what his value is worth and what he brings to the table, and therefor can leverage WWE and UFC for the biggest money offer. Arn believes Lesner will fight again in the UFC.

27:30-32:00 Arn said the Larry Zbyszko WWE Hall of Fame speech was the worst Hall of Fame speech. Larry asked Arn the next day if it was as bad as people are telling him, and Arn said yes.

49:00-59:00 Arn said Sting was made to look like a secondary star in Sting’s match with HHH. He believes Sting was buried during the commentary instead of being made to look like WCW’s big star coming in. Kevin Nash told Conrad Thompson that he was planning to leave before the show ended, but earlier in the day, creative came to him and asked him to do a run in during the HHH-Sting match, so this was a late decision made the day of the show. Arn said the run in made no sense as everybody other than Sting had a relationship with HHH in storyline. Why would the NWO come down to save Sting when for years it was Sting vs the NWO. HHH takes a sledgehammer to Sting and then a few minutes later they are shaking hands.

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