“I don’t think it would hurt anything at all if they piped in some crowd noise”

Mar 23, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

In his interview with Commercial Appeal, Jerry Lawler thinks it’s a good idea for WWE to pipe in crowd noise:

On running shows without fans: “That’s our obstacle (now). How do you entertain when you don’t have a live audience? That’s how you judge whether you’re being entertaining or not — the crowd response. When nobody’s there, you can’t tell.”

On faking the crowd noise: “I’ve been to (football) training camps where the players go through their practice sessions with loud music or crowd noise piped in. I don’t think it would hurt anything at all if they piped in some crowd noise behind the matches. And even explain it to the fans. It’ll make the matches more entertaining and it’ll make it easier for the performers themselves.”

On WWE holding Wrestlemania at the Performance Center: “Man, oh man. I don’t know. You’ve got all those big matches already signed. Edge and Randy Orton. Brock Lesnar against Drew McIntyre. Undertaker and A.J. Styles. All those big, huge matches taking place in front of no fans. And, the Performance Center is not much bigger than the old Channel 5 studio (where ‘Memphis Wrestling’ was filmed). I don’t know — everything’s changing by the minute now. (But) the WWE has always been and still is a TV company and pay-per-view company. Who knows, this may end up breaking every pay-per-view record there is.”

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