Arn Anderson On Why Bray Wyatt’s WWE Run Fizzled Out Before The Fiend

Mar 23, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Arn Anderson was taking part in an “Ask Arn Anything” edition of the show where a fan was curious for the Enforcer’s thoughts on Wyatt.

“Anything that can get Bray Wyatt a fresh start after the raw deal he has gotten over the years, I’m all for,” Anderson admitted. “Whoever came up with the mask, it’s pretty scary looking. I think Bray can pull the character off. Bray Wyatt just as Bray Wyatt in the beginning with those promos that he used to do. The Cape Fear-esque character was pretty scary to me.

“That’s the only negative when you ask what went wrong. Wasn’t that he didn’t perform. It wasn’t that the Wyatts with him were not tremendous. Luke and Big Red (Erick Rowan) were awesome. They had some of the greatest six-man tags with The Shield I’ve ever seen. They were awesome. So he did everything right except you’ve got to win the big one. If you continually lose the big one, people look at you as being a loser.

But more importantly, they’re smart enough to know, our audience, if the company doesn’t have anything planned for you and you’re not going to be pushed as a star. They’re not going to look at you as a star. If the company doesn’t make you big the audience won’t make you big.”

Anderson praised Wyatt teaming with Randy Orton, which led to Orton turning on Wyatt and defeating him for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 33. Anderson felt that the team should have lasted longer.

“They were over and they were getting over strong as a team,” Anderson noted. “I was there for it. It was tremendous. Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt made a great team. It was gonna be one of those things that we talk about on this show all the time, when something gets hotter than it was expected to get and it starts to boil and percolates. But without any help fro the office, a lot of times it just gets shut down. It gives those talents too much stroke and too much power. This was one of those situations because I was there and I saw it. I had a lot of their matches at TV.

“Those guys should have still been partners when that match went down at Wrestlemania. It’s one of those history things that get cut off way short. Once you’ve shot the angle, you’ve had the match now. You can’t go back to it and have the same results down the road. You get one crack at building these scenarios and if they haven’t ran their course, it is what it is.”

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