McIntyre: “it’s going to be the biggest match of my career”

Mar 22, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Drew McIntyre On Learning From Brock Lesnar, Why Lesnar Is One Of The Best and What He Expects From Their Match

Drew McIntyre appeared on The Gorilla Position podcast and discussed his match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, what he’s learned from Lesnar and more.

On if working with Lesnar has been everything he thought it would be:

“It’s more than I thought it would be. There’s nobody like him. He’s a very intelligent individual when it comes to business, is the way to put it. Like, he gets it more than anybody I’ve ever spoken to and is really helping me think about things you just wouldn’t think about and not many people could teach you because nobody has quite reached the level he’s reached. And I can say I’m learning a whole lot, and he’s been amazing to work with.”

On Lesnar’s status as one of the best:

“Absolutely. That’s why I say, the unpredictability factor. Most guys in the ring, you have an idea of how it’s gonna go. When he’s in the ring, you’ve just no idea. You’re just like, ‘Well this could go any way. It could be a quick match, it could be surprising and go long, or he could end up elbowing someone and splitting them open. You just don’t know, a Brock Lesnar match is so unpredictable and that’s the great thing about it and why it’s such a big attraction.”

On the match likely being a hard-hitting match:

“I think your prediction’s probably spot on. Like, I’m not afraid to get in there and get physical. Some of our guys, they don’t necessarily love it. And Brock definitely doesn’t mind getting hit. In fact, he encourages it so it’s going to be an absolute war.”

On wanting to close out the PPV with the match:

“I mean no matter what, it’s going to be the biggest match of my career and a huge match. But obviously, ideally, it would be amazing to close the show. And I think it is very important that we solidify some top-tier talent for the future. And I think we are in a position where it could be a really good moment for me. And hopefully for the fans and hopefully for the future of WWE.”

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