Rumors of taped WrestleMania continue as Orange County implements curfew

Mar 21, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

There are several rumors floating around that WrestleMania will be pre-recorded from the different locations and the show will not be airing live come April 4 and 5.

In fact, WWE has so far limited to say “streaming on the WWE Network,” omitting the word live. While most graphics promoting the show still say live, any text accompanying new WrestleMania-related articles don’t mention it at all.

With matches taking place behind a closed set, it will be easier to contain leaks of results and having the option to pre-record will allow WWE to edit shots as necessary, presenting the best possible product to fans.

And with WrestleMania tending to go way over time, WWE has now been presented with another problem that will make filming the show before the ideal scenario.

Orange County and Osceola County leaders have decided to implement a curfew for those living and operating within their counties. The curfew, which kicked off yesterday, requires everyone to be at home from 11PM to 5AM. While WWE could certainly get a waiver for this curfew, it would be in the interest of everyone to abide by the new order since the PC will still have a large amount of people inside to help with production.

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