Matt Hardy opens up on his WWE departure, original talks with AEW

Mar 20, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Chris Jericho conducted an interview with Matt Hardy on the latest episode of Talk is Jericho.

This is where Hardy talked about his departure from WWE and also shared how he had dinner with The Young Bucks in California about six or seven months prior to his WWE contract expiring. He recalled making a friendship with them from their time in TNA Wrestling together.

He told a side story about an angle with ROH and TNA involving himself and The Bucks. Hardy got back on track by noting that AEW was mentioned at this dinner. Hardy explained that he didn’t commit to AEW at the time because he wanted to see how things played out with WWE first and go from there.

“I pitched idea after idea to WWE on my own and I never got any feedback. I would hear a little bit of chatter here and here. There was never anything that sparked any creative fire in Vince’s mind. It became frustrating.

They were trying to re-sign me to keep me under contract so I became WWE property. I wanted to be in a prominent role on TV. I don’t think Vince saw that for me.”

Hardy talked about his segments with Randy Orton on Monday Night Raw leading up to his exit from the company.

Hardy confirmed previous reports about how the first segment where he got hit with a steel chair was supposed to write him off of TV but they did great ratings so they were gonna have a long match on Raw but that got changed because WWE thought he was leaving and at that point, he didn’t know what his future was.

He noted he didn’t want to sign a new deal with WWE unless the company gave him some creative assurances because of how important ending his career is to him.

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